Desert Heartlands 51 min.

Travel from the cold deserts of Nevada to the giant cactus-studded lands of Arizona and the scorching Mojave Desert in California. Discover how some of America’s most iconic animals like mustangs and coyotes have learned to survive.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

The High Country 51 min.

The High Country is the land of grizzly bears and giant trees, of frigid winters and scorching summers, of tough ranchers and gold-rush fever. From the Rockies to the Sierra Nevada, in this land of extreme seasons survival demands endurance. It’s all about taking what you need to stay alive by whatever means, from parasitic plants to thieving black bears, and tenacious pikas to battling bison.

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Restless Shores 50 min.

Tectonic forces shape all life here, creating stunning landscapes like the San Andreas Fault reaching all the way north to the Pacific coast. Meanwhile elephant seals battle it out for mates, grey whales form a unique friendship with a small community of people and gulf grunion fish race ashore to spawn in their millions.

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Wild West 150 min.

A legendary land known for its scorching hot deserts, red rock canyons, giant snow-capped mountains, and rugged shorelines. Welcome to the Wild West, home to a vibrant cast of tricksters, pioneers and outlaws, from the shrewd coyote to the feisty hummingbird, the mighty blue whale to the spirited mustang. This series explores this fascinating area of North America—the canyonlands, the high country...

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Brexit: The Battle for Britain 52 min.

On June 23, 2016, Britain was hit by a political earthquake. Within hours of the EU referendum result, the prime minister had resigned, the pound was falling and Westminster was reeling. So how and why did this political revolution happen—and how does it stand to reshape Britain's politics? The BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg tells the inside story of how Britain voted to leave the Europea...

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10 Homes that Changed America 55 min.

10 Homes that Changed America highlights ten architecturally adventuresome dwellings, which provided Americans with more than just a “roof over their heads”—these homes elevated living to an art form. Meet the talented architects who brought these buildings to life, along with their often-eccentric clients, and the lucky individuals who live in these historic homes today. A primer in domestic arch...

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The Anthropocene: A New Age of Humans—Catalyst 29 min.

Human impacts on the way our planet functions have now become so extreme that many scientists are claiming the Earth has shifted out of the Holocene state and into a new geological epoch. They’re calling it "The Anthropocene", the new age of humans, because millions of years after we are gone, the scar of our existence will be visible in the rocks of tomorrow. In this program, we look at how the l...

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Seasonal Wonderlands 150 min.

Set in three of the most seasonally changeable landscapes on Earth, this beautiful series reveals the stunning transformations that occur each year and how wildlife copes with them. In Svalbard, follow the transformation from dark, frozen winter to rich tundra, home to birds, Arctic foxes, polar bears, walrus and reindeer. In the Okavango Delta, the film reveals how the yearly flood not only trans...

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Seasonal Wonderlands: New England 53 min.

New England is the stage for the most incredible color change on earth, when the vivid greens of summer give way to the golds and reds of autumn. This film reveals how this vibrant fiesta is created by the battles between the trees and the forests' inhabitants. Moose, chipmunks, rattlesnakes and a bizarre mixture of caterpillars all play a crucial role, but surprisingly the forest itself was made...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

Seasonal Wonderlands: Okavango 53 min.

The Okavango Delta is one of the world's largest inland deltas - and supports a variety of life as rich as any you will see in Africa. Yet this lush wetland of islands and lagoons lies in the middle of the vast, featureless Kalahari Desert. This is the story of how it happens. Following groups of wildlife, including hippos, baboons, catfish, kingfishers, leopards, warthogs and elephants, the film...

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