Area Studies

Humanitarian Intervention Does More Harm Than Good: A Debate 70 min.

The international community currently faces a global refugee crisis and mass atrocities in Iraq, Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, and other countries. How should the West respond? Proponents of humanitarian intervention—the use of force to halt human rights abuses—argue that the world’s most powerful nations have a responsibility to protect innocent people around the planet. Beyond saving lives, they conten...

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New! Shanghai Deco 60 min.

Art Deco design is where our modern world began and Shanghai may have been the place where art deco enjoyed its most diverse interpretation. During the 1920s and 30s, Shanghai was the most glamorous, cosmopolitan city in Asia. Dubbed “The Paris of the East,” it had both an expatriate community and a middle-class Chinese population that adopted many of the trappings of Western lifestyle: jazz, danc...

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Hong Kong: Handover Generation 80 min.

Twenty years after the British Crown handed Hong Kong over to China, under the motto "One country, two systems", the young Handover generation challenges Beijing and wants to be the safeguard of democracy in Asia. After 2014’s Umbrella Revolt, these activists have become a challenging political force in the country. Through their fight we discover Hong Kong as it faces China’s growing threat on it...

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Chalk Girl 25 min.

A protester at the heart of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. Two years since being arrested, the 16-year-old must decide whether to rejoin the battle alongside the '"localist" youth. As elections loom, Chalk Girl is torn between wanting to respect her family, who are concerned about the risks of her activism, and standing up to Chinese interference. Young localists see themselves as being in a...

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Escape From Syria: Rania's Odyssey 23 min.

Rania Mustafa Ali, 20, filmed her journey from the ruins of Kobane in Syria to Austria, showing what many refugees face on their perilous journey to Europe. She ischeated by smugglers, teargassed and beaten at the Macedonian border, and risks drowning in the Mediterranean—traveling in a boat meant to hold 15 people but stuffed with over 50. Those with disabilities are carried across raging rivers...

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The Fight 30 min.

Disabled individuals marched across the Andes Mountains into La Paz and encountered riot police, barricades, tear gas, and water cannons. The protestors live on the streets, attempting to enter Plaza Murillo to meet with President Evo Morales.The government refuses to discuss their request for a pension of $70 a month and the protestors suspend themselves from the city's bridges in their wheelchai...

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Qandeel 25 min.

Anwar Wai discusses the murder of her daughter, Pakistani celebrity Qandeel Baloch, by her son Muhammad Wasim. She says on Wednesday that her son strangled his sister after being taunted by his friends over Baloch’s provocative selfies and videos, which propelled her to fame in Pakistan, a conservative Muslim country.

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The Battle For Myanmar’s Buddhist Spirit 17 min.

In Myanmar, different groups of Buddhist monks are battling with how to deal with the country’s minority Muslim population. While some advocate peace, others, such as the extremist Ma Ba Tha, incite hatred and violence. In this film, The Guardian investigates how the monks’ actions are threatening to destabilize the country’s newly established democracy.

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I Want To Bring Up A Warrior: Ukraine's Far-Right Children's Camp 14 min.

In Ukraine, the far-right Azov militia is fighting on the frontline—and running a summer camp for children. The Guardian visited the camp and followed 16-year-old Anton through his experiences. Is Azov really a modern Hitler Youth organizsation, or is it trying to prepare young Ukrainians for the tough reality that awaits them?

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Quipu 22 min.

In Peru, doctors forced sterilizations on 300,000 people over 18 years ago. Esperanza and Teodula organized the Quipu Project, a phone line that allows women to share their stories, listen to others' experiences, and be heard around the world. This documentary follows the journeys of these two women fighting for reparations and women's rights in a male-dominated society.

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