The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling 270 min.

When Garry Shandling died in 2016, he was widely remembered as a top stand-up comedian and the star of two of the most innovative sitcoms in TV history. But to those who knew him, the “real” Garry Shandling was a far more complex person. A self-proclaimed “spiritual warrior,” Shandling challenged himself to transcend his own insecurities, despite having achieved so much in the face of loss, betray...

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The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling—Part 1 114 min.

Garry Shandling experienced a normal childhood in Tucson, AZ until age ten, when his older brother and only sibling, Barry, died from cystic fibrosis. His parents barely discussed Barry’s passing, and his mother began clinging to her younger son, developing an intense bond that would inspire much of Garry’s later comedy material. Shandling went to college to study engineering, but a chance encount...

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The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling—Part 2 145 min.

Working on his landmark HBO series The Larry Sanders Show, Garry’s diaries reveal an ongoing struggle with complacency and a search for authenticity; his colleagues recall the pressure to produce material up to his high standards. At the height of the Larry Sanders wave, Garry and Linda Doucett (who appeared on the show) broke up. Garry ended up firing Doucett, leading to a lawsuit which in turn r...

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Fake News: Part 1 23 min.

Fake news is more than a social media menace—it’s threatening critical thinking skills needed to develop information literacy. Combined with the impulse to share exciting, shocking and alarming stories, fake news is shaping—and distorting—perceptions, especially in younger demographics. In this video, viewers learn what drives fake news, how to spot it and how to de-bunk it. They’ll see how to dis...

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Fake News: Part 2 24 min.

Fake news is prevalent because it seems so real. But passing it along via social media is more than sharing. It lends credibility to untrustworthy sources. By explaining click baits, bias and information bubbles, this video helps viewers discern what’s real and what’s not. Startling examples of altered photos reveal the skills employed by fake newsmongers. Cross-referencing to determine objective...

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How to Recognize Fake News 46 min.

Think of fake news as a disease. Without knowing how to identify and stop its spread, information literacy is at risk, especially among audiences whose critical thinking skills are vulnerable. This video series equips viewers with tools to spot the stories and images that are false, biased, altered or slanted, even those shared by trusted friends or family. Easy tips to detect and check fake news...

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The Internet Warriors 22 min.

In this video, meet online 'trolls' who use the internet to harass and threaten others. Director Kyrre Lien meets a global group of strongly opinionated individuals, who spend their time online debating the subjects they care most strongly about. Topics include President Donald Trump, Lady Gaga, LGBT youth, the Syrian War, and Muslim Immigration.

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Body Language Decoded 53 min.

Body Language Decoded takes us into the mysterious world of non-verbal communication, what do we say without realising and how can we read the signals others give us involuntarily? We look deep into the science of body language as well as its practical applications in law enforcement, romance, commerce, national security and more.

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Persuasion Machine 53 min.

Jamie Bartlett reveals how Silicon Valley's mission to connect the world is disrupting democracy. Many of the tech gods were dismayed when Donald Trump won the American presidency, but did they actually help him win? With the help of a key insider from the Trump campaign's digital operation, Jamie unravels the role played by social media in getting Trump into the White House. He learns how Faceboo...

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Secrets of Silicon Valley 100 min.

Technological capital Silicon Valley is transforming the way we think, work and live. Who is in charge, are there any rules, and what does it mean for the future? Journalist Jamie Bartlett visits the Valley’s notoriously zany workspaces (which include silent disco zones) and meets the young entrepreneurs keen to make their mark—and millions in the process. Bartlett also talks to those fighting bac...

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