Art & Architecture

Bellotto: Smart Secrets of Great Paintings 27 min.

Canaletto's stated intention was to depict reality as faithfully as possible. In this postcard depiction of Warsaw, used to help reconstruct the city after World War II, the buildings are flattened by the fading light of sunset, anticipating the fire that would later destroy them, while its people, rich and poor, are bathed in the warm light of a new dawn that looks forward to the forging of the P...

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Degas: Smart Secrets of Great Paintings 27 min.

This chiaroscuro social painting is a remarkable human record of late nineteenth-century Paris, its inhabitants and its private geography at a time of huge social and moral change. Degas' constant flitting between genres and from back-stage to front of stage enabled him to capture the fleeting nature of existence while creating an everlasting image of Paris.

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Goya: Smart Secrets of Great Paintings 27 min.

This is one of Goya's most famous works. A symbol of national independence and identity to the Spanish, it is a tribute to peoples who fight for their freedom. It depicts the Spanish patriots being charged by the Mamelukes—Egyptian mercenaries in the pay of the French army—and eloquently illustrates the shock of the onslaught and the bloody repression of the uprising by the occupier.

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Mediacité: Architectures—Achievements in Modern Architecture 27 min.

From the sky, it resembles a serpent, a whale, a bulging vein or a river. From inside, it looks like a huge stained-glass window. Dreamed up by the experimental, provocative Israeli designer Ron Arad, whose playful furniture designs featuring rounded, sculptural shapes have made him world famous, this startling construction swells, curves and winds its way through Médiacité, Liège's gigantic shopp...

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Rembrandt: Smart Secrets of Great Paintings 26 min.

This group portrait has come to symbolize the Golden Age of Dutch painting. Painted at the height of Rembrandt's career, The Night Watch goes beyond portrayal of characters and transcends conventions, juxtaposing eras and populations in a supreme homage to the freedom and might of Amsterdam, epitomized by this joyful militia company marching towards their destiny.

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Vermeer: Smart Secrets of Great Paintings 27 min.

This work is full of allusions to the interplay between knowledge and mystery, science and religion, the familiar and the unknown, the inward- and the outward-looking. The shaft of light that is Vermeer's hallmark and in which he excelled celebrates the freedom of the age and the growth of humanism.

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Battles Of The Louvre 53 min.

Historians, curators, architects and artists, as well as witnesses and those involved in the Louvre’s latest major works reveal all about the history of the Palace and Museum. Through 8 centuries of the trials and tribulations of politics and history, and architecture and art, a medieval fortress has become the largest museum in the world—the Louvre in Paris. The turbulent tale of this metamorphos...

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Bernard Buffet, The Great Agitator 53 min.

As famous in his time as Picasso, the painter Bernard Buffet experienced glory but it was followed by a fall from grace. Today, he has finally achieved recognition. Despite his inimitable style, he was marginalized for half a century on account of his popular success, his millionaire’s lifestyle and his contempt for the art world. A look back over the life of a controversial artist, today consider...

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Black Is the Color 53 min.

Faced with racist caricatures, African American painters decided to present a different image of their community than the one imposed by the degrading stereotypes of a brutally racist society. Ignored and marginalized, they had to wait a century before they finally won recognition. This film tells the story of how African American artists took back their image, from the abolition of slavery to the...

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Petra - Lost City of Stone 54 min.

More than 2,000 years ago, the thriving city of Petra rose up in the bone-dry desert of what is now Jordan. An oasis of culture and abundance, the city was built by wealthy merchants who carved spectacular temple-tombs into its cliffs, raised a monumental Great Temple and devised an ingenious system that channeled water to vineyards, bathhouses, fountains and pools. But following a catastrophic ea...

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