Are You What Your Mother Ate? The Agouti Mouse Study 15 min.

Jirtle and Waterland’s Agouti Mouse research has been called one of the most important study’s of the 21st century. It is hugely significant for our understanding of both the epigenetic mechanisms that change gene expression and the relationship between Nature and Nurture in psychology and sociology. The film combines original interview and laboratory footage of Professor Jirtle to both tell the s...

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Restoring Paradise: An American Story 156 min.

Just 25 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, the Channel Islands are a paradise that was found, lost, and, in an ecological battle, regained. In a time machine journey alongside scientists involved in their salvation, we come to understand how this tiny group of islands has become a crucible for the reshaping of our relationship with nature.

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Restoring Paradise: An American Story—Episode 1 52 min.

Arriving at the islands 13,000 years ago, the Chumash people discovered a true paradise. Life was so abundant, both on land and in the sea, it made it seem like resources were infinite. That is, until the first European colonists came to settle.

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Restoring Paradise: An American Story—Episode 2 54 min.

Disrupting the natural equilibrium of this paradise, successive waves of settlers and visitors used the islands for cattle farming, a vacation destination for the Hollywood elite, and, during World War II, a military base. Pristine nature was turned into a vast wasteland.

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Restoring Paradise: An American Story—Episode 3 54 min.

After centuries of intense exploitation, the marine and terrestrial ecosystems of the islands had been devastated. To bring back the paradise once lost, a massive restoration plan was designed. But it is subject to many controversies.

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Cauldron of Life 49 min.

Liz Bonnin joins a scientific team aboard the research vessel Alucia on an expedition across the Galapágos Island. The journey begins on the Galapágos' west side at the youngest and most volcanically active islands in the archipelago, Isabela and Fernandina, which are home to a richly diverse wildlife scene. Here, Liz and the team journey into the clouds above Wolf, the tallest volcano in the Gala...

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Future Frontiers 51 min.

In the culmination of this 600-mile scientific expedition aboard the Alucia, Liz Bonnin and the team of scientific experts journey south to visit the oldest islands in the Galapágos to see first-hand the impact that humans have had on this pristine wilderness. Back on the larger island of Isabela, Liz descends into a spectacular vertical lava cave. Deep inside, she discovers how this hidden world...

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Mission Galapágos 150 min.

The Galapágos Islands are like no other place on Earth. Situated 600 miles off the mainland of South America, this isolated archipelago lies in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. This investigation employs tagging technology, underwater mapping, cinematography, thermal cameras and other techniques to track the most mysterious creatures, solve unanswered riddles, explore ancient islands reclaimed by t...

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Secrets of the Deep 50 min.

On the second leg of this incredible mission, Liz Bonnin and a team of scientific experts set off beneath the waves to explore this spectacular archipelago. It is an exciting opportunity for the team to delve into a world that still largely remains a mystery to science. Venturing down in the Nadir, a specially equipped deep-sea submersible, Liz goes in search of an elusive ocean giant, the mola, o...

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Rethinking Obesity: Nature vs. Nurture? 16 min.

As a species we’ve been getting larger over the past 50 years and obesity is at epidemic proportions in some Western societies. So why are we doing so much damage to ourselves, our health services and our planet? Is it mainly due to nurture, the environment? Or is it more to do with nature, our biology? In Rethinking Obesity, featuring contributions from two of the leading figures in this debate,...

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