Family & Consumer Sciences

Reading and Understanding the New Food Label 30 min.

This program highlights changes in the new food label, which will be required in 2018. Viewers learn how it has been simplified for the consumer and modernized based on current nutrition science.

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New! Fighting Fat 13 min.

Thirty-five years after the first dietary guidelines, how much do we really know about the science behind a healthy diet?

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

New! D&D: Lessons from a Media Panic 13 min.

Dungeons and Dragons was once accused of leading children to Satanism, but today the game looks more like a solution to a problem plaguing modern parenting.

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The Truth about Meat 53 min.

Every week brings a new headline about the dangers of meat. Sausages top the cancer list. Bacon is as bad as smoking. And other processed meats are positively deadly. But is there any truth to these juicy meat-based headlines? Leading industry experts dispel some everyday myths about meat, scientific studies reveal the beneficial health aspects that meat can provide, and stunts and demonstrations...

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20/20: The End of the Road 41 min.

Friends of Ethan Couch say he drove into oncoming traffic before a fatal crash that claimed four lives. The term "affluenza" is used as part of his drunken-driving defense. After receiving probation, a video of Couch's partying lifestyle appears on Twitter and he skips town. The "affluenza teen" becomes the center of an international search.

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The Food Detectives 150 min.

We’re bombarded with information about food these days; it’s impossible to keep track of the healthiest ingredients, tastiest recipes, best shopping suggestions and smartest consumer advice. And how do we know which sources to trust? In this one-stop shop for food-related facts and guidance, scientist Alice Roberts, top chef Tom Kerridge and journalist Sean Fletcher sift through the latest tips an...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

The Food Detectives: Episode 1 50 min.

In this new series scientist Prof Alice Roberts, Chef Tom Kerridge, and journalist Sean Fletcher are keen to improve your cooking, your health and your bank balance by dishing up the plain facts about our food. Chef Tom Kerridge is on a mission to improve our cooking skills one dish at a time. He responds to the public's kitchen disasters. This time he's in Poole and Weymouth to help viewers who h...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

The Food Detectives: Episode 2 51 min.

In this episode Prof Alice Roberts finds out about the latest research which suggests that that drinking artificially sweetened drinks can encourage us to eat more than we might expect. Alice is also investigating the chemical that's causing the problem and asks how worried should we be about eating meat? And… do aphrodisiacs actually work? Alice finds out. Chef Tom Kerridge is on a mission to hel...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2016

The Food Detectives: Episode 3 50 min.

Can changing your surroundings alter how food and drink tastes? Prof Alice Roberts and a group of diners enjoy a culinary experience with a difference. The music, lighting and even the shape of the plates are changed throughout the meal to see what effect this has on how we perceive the taste of food. Sensory gastronomy is a new field of scientific research and although it may sound unfamiliar, it...

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Chef vs Science: The Ultimate Kitchen Challenge 51 min.

A top chef and a leading scientist go head to head in the kitchen to see who can produce the best food. Marcus Wareing is a two-star Michelin chef at the top of his game— his celebrated dishes result from years of experience and training. But he now faces a challenge from an unlikely direction. Mark Miodownik is a materials scientist – a person more acquainted with plastic than pastry. Can Mark us...

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