Featured Producer: ABC News

Venezuela: Descent Into Chaos 17 min.

The country's severe economic crisis has created widespread corruption and goods shortages, leaving many families without basic essentials. Those who want to expose the dire health care situation are afraid to speak and the government sees the press reporting on it as the enemy.

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My Reality: A Hidden America 41 min.

In this video, ABC News reports on the shrinking middle class and the growing economic disparity between the wealthy and the rest of the population. Diane Sawyer investigates the working class and how the "American Dream" appears more untenable than ever. Connecting to people across the country through social media, fast food workers; contract employees; and low wage earners reveal the struggles a...

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20/20: The End of the Road 41 min.

Friends of Ethan Couch say he drove into oncoming traffic before a fatal crash that claimed four lives. The term "affluenza" is used as part of his drunken-driving defense. After receiving probation, a video of Couch's partying lifestyle appears on Twitter and he skips town. The "affluenza teen" becomes the center of an international search.

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Crossing Lines: Women and Men at Work 41 min.

Gretchen Carlson gives an exclusive television interview in special 20/20 hour on sexual harassment. The report features interviews with other sexual harassment accusers and advice from a former HR executive on what to do when faced with harassment. 20/20 anchor, Elizabeth Vargas, reports a special hour on sexual harassment, interviewing accusers and exploring what to do when faced with this probl...

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What Would You Do? Series 4: Instinctive Reactions and What They Reveal 109 min.

Encourage students to explore biases and stereotypes with this fourth series of ABC News "What Would You Do?" segments. Each scenario puts actors into exchanges with unwitting bystanders, generating a wide range of responses—from overt hostility towards other races and cultures to acts of genuine compassion. Topics explored include race and ethnicity, gender, disability, homelessness, age, and mor...

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Flashpoint: Refugees In America 19 min.

Nightiline follows the journey of Syrian refugees who now call America home. Meet students attending American schools for the first time and see protests against refugee arrivals.

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America In Black and White 55 min.

This five-part ABC News Nightline series covers in-depth the wide-ranging issues of race relations in America and gun violence, including a unique look at traffic stops from the perspective of officers and civilians; gun safety for civilians; law enforcement training and more.

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America in Black and White: After Dallas Shootings, Pro-Open Carry Crusaders Draw New Criticism 9 min.

Retired Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham and his group, "Open Carry Texas," brazenly carry rifles in public to promote gun rights in Texas where open carry is legal.

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America in Black and White: On Patrol 9 min.

In this video, "Nightline" goes on patrol with Officers Mark Blackwell and Joey Agosto of the Bridgeport, Connecticut police department after targeted attack on police in Dallas.

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America in Black and White: Shots Fired (Part 1 & 2) 17 min.

For 11 consecutive days, "Nightline" tracked every shooting in the U.S. and learned that over 500 people lost their lives. Hear the stories of police officers shot in the line of duty, domestic violence, self-defense, and accidental shootings.

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