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The Last Drop: Is the World Running Out of Water?

Water shortages contribute to many regional conflicts worldwide. Only two-and-a-half percent is fresh, and it is therefore a precious commodity. This documentary illustrates how the worsening problem of global water shortage leads to regional political and social conflicts, destruction of economies, and famine. Beginning in the Middle East, we see how diversion of water to Israel at the expense of Palestinian villages has exacerbated that conflict. In Namibia, in South Africa, cultures are dying and people are starving, as hydro-cops monitor water use and abuse by residents. Experts predict that countries along the Rhine may find themselves in the same dry situation, if water diversion from the river continues at current rates. Throughout the program, experts, those involved in water preservation, and those affected by water shortages examine the situation and suggest solutions. (51 minutes)


Item#: BVL7843
Copyright date: ©1997
DVD ISBN 978-1-4213-8137-4

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