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Augusto Roa Bastos

In this interview, we meet the eminent Paraguayan writer, Augusto Roa Bastos, who, in his short stories and two novels—Hijo de Hombre and Yo el Supremo—uses a rich, experimental language to create a vast, complex, and interrelated world. Roa Bastos explores a familiar theme of the Latin American writer: the violence, injustice, and repression of Spanish colonial society. The depth of his analysis and the strength of his talent rank him among the best narrators of the story of Spanish America. (Spanish, 46 minutes)


Item#: BVL7609
Copyright date: ©1993

DVD $99.95

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez have drawn international praise for their highly symbolic and marvelously ethereal representations of Latin America's social, political, and cultural psyche. In this program, the author discusses his life and work ...(more details)
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Jose Donoso

Jose Donoso, the late Chilean writer, ranks high in the pantheon of great Spanish-American novelists. Donoso was the author of Coronacion, Este Domingo, El Lugar sin Limites, and El Obsceno Pajaro de la Noche, his most famous work. Donoso is best kno...(more details)
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Roberto Fernandez Retamar

This program presents the distinguished and controversial Cuban poet, literary critic, and essayist whose work is so closely connected with the Cuban revolution. Fernandez Retamar's most famous essay, "Caliban," became a manifesto for Latin American ...(more details)
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Mario Benedetti

One of the most prolific writers in Latin America, Benedetti works in all literary forms, from novels like La Tregua to journalism, poetry, and literary criticism. Benedetti, like his contemporary Fernandez Retamar, was among the Latin American write...(more details)
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Fernando del Paso

One of the great historical novels of the Latin American literary "Boom," Noticas del Imperio, was penned by the Mexican novelist Fernando del Paso, who also wrote Jose Trigo and Palinuro de Mexico. But it is Noticas for which he is best known-the st...(more details)
DVD $169.95

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