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Marxism and Protests of the 1960s (05:32)


Marxists create the Frankfurt School after WWII. Herbert Marcuse emerges as the most influential Marxist in America. Student activists in the 1960s look to Marcuse's philosophy to fuel their protests.

Marcuse and the New Left (03:28)

Student protests were isolated from other societal groups such as the working class. Marcuse criticizes the strategies of the New Left. He urges the re-examination of Marxist principles.

Re-Examining Marxist Principles (04:49)

Marcuse evaluates Marxist socialism. Ruling classes control the psyches of the working class. The Frankfurt School integrated psychology into Marxian theory.

Marcuse: Freud and Marx (04:31)

While Magee disagrees that Freud and Marx can be philosophically "married," Marcuse believes it wholeheartedly. Social framework regulates the manifestation of mankind's primary drives.

Marx and Capitalism (03:20)

Marcuse argues that Marxian theory must be re-evaluated from inside itself and within history's context. Some of Marx's concepts about capitalism are corroborated. Marcuse discusses the concepts.

Members of the Frankfurt School (02:42)

Marcuse notes Max Horkheimer was the director of the Frankfurt School. Each member embodied multifaceted genius and expertise in many disciplines.

History: Progression and Regression (04:58)

Marx: The capitalistic mode of production prevents workers from meeting their own humane needs. The Frankfurt School predicted the rise of fascism. Human progress falls behind in western civilization.

Politics of Disillusionment and Aesthetics (04:58)

Capitalism is a destroyer rather than a builder of humane society. The Frankfurt School provides critical theory. Materialism, quality of life, and values must balance. Great literature liberates.

Marcuse and the Women's Movement (02:10)

Marcuse sees the importance of the women's liberation movement. Society can be qualitatively different with the influence of feminine energy. It is the antithesis of violence and inhumane behavior.

Critique of the New Left (06:54)

Marcuse is accused of having an elitist philosophy. The writings of the Frankfurt School are almost unintelligible. The working class cannot access them. Marcuse is world famous at age 70.

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Marcuse and the Frankfurt School

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In this program with world-renowned author and professor Bryan Magee, the late philosopher and radical political theorist Herbert Marcuse explains how the so-called Frankfurt School reevaluated Marxism when world economic crisis failed to destroy capitalism as predicted by Marx. He also analyzes the philosophical roots of the student rebellions of the sixties. A BBC Production. (46 minutes)

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