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"The Changeling": Act 1.1--A Street at the Harbor (03:37)


Alsemero prepares to leave for Malta. Jasperino notices Alsemero's odd behavior. Beatrice enters and converses with Alsemero. This BBC adaptation of homas Middleton and William Rowley' "The Changeling" stars Bob Hoskins, Elizabeth McGovern, Peter Darling, and Hugh Grant.

"The Changeling": Act 1.1--The Scene Continues (07:43)

Vermandero, Beatrice's father, enters. Beatrice introduces Alsemero, who happens to be the son of an old friend of Vermandero's. DeFlores enters, wishing Beatrice would notice how he loves her.

"The Changeling": Act 2.1--A Chamber in the Castle (05:42)

Back at the castle Beatrice, alone, professes her love for Alsemero. DeFlores enters with a message from her father. She treats him poorly. DeFlores is madly in love with Beatrice.

"The Changeling": Act 2.1--Visitors to the Castle (03:29)

Alonzo and his brother Tomazo arrive at the castle and enter with Vermandero. Alonzo is betrothed to Beatrice. Tomazo warns him that Beatrice loves another.

"The Changeling": Act 2.2--Another Chamber (03:56)

Alsemero and Beatrice secretly meet in the castle. Alsemero offers to challenge Alonzo. Beatrice doesn't want him hurt so she begins her plan to kill Alonzo.

"The Changeling": Act 2.2--A Deadly Plan (07:27)

DeFlores, who has been spying on Alsemero and Beatrice, is approached by Beatrice who treats him kindly this time. Beatrice seduces DeFlores to kill Alonzo. Madly in love with her, he agrees.

"The Changeling": Acts 3.1 and 2--Murder in the Vault (03:01)

DeFlores takes Alonzo on a tour of the castle. DeFlores leads Alonzo to a vault and stabs him. To steal Alonzo's ring, DeFlores cuts off Alonzo's finger.

"The Changeling": Act 3.4--Murder Leads to Blackmail (11:01)

DeFlores informs Beatrice of killing Piracquo (Alonzo). He offers her Alonzo's ring. She tries to pay DeFlores who becomes offended since he wants her, who is his partner in the murder.

"The Changeling": Dumbshow and Act 4.1 (07:44)

A Dumbshow ends Act 3. In Act 4 Beatrice goes to Alsemero's chamber and discovers a physician's book. She devises a plan, using Diaphanta, to hide losing her virginity from Alsemero.

"The Changeling": Act 4.2--A Chamber in the Castle (08:21)

Tomazo blames Vermandero for Alonzo's disappearance. Tomazo challenges Alsemero. Jasperino informs Alsemero about DeFlores and Beatrice. They test Beatrice with a potion.

"The Changeling": Act 5.1--A Gallery in the Castle (08:54)

While Diaphanta pretends to be Beatrice in her wedding bed, DeFlores and Beatrice set up a plan to rid Diaphanta. DeFlores sets Diaphanta's room on fire, and Diaphanta eventually "dies" in it.

"The Changeling": Act 5.2--A Chamber in the Castle (03:51)

Tomazo and DeFlores fight. DeFlores refuses to kill Tomazo, who reminds him of Alonzo. Vermandero shares the news that the "murderers," Franciscus and Antonio, are caught.

"The Changeling": Act 5.3--Alsemero's Chamber (04:46)

Jasperino and Alsemero still have doubts about Beatrice. Alsemero questions Beatrice, calling her a whore. Beatrice confesses the murder to Alsemero and he locks her in the closet.

"The Changeling": Act 5.3--The Scene Continues (08:29)

DeFlores enters. Alsemero tells him that Beatrice has confessed. He locks DeFlores in the same. Vermandero and Tomazo enter. Beatrice and DeFlores confess all and die at their own hands.

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Famed British actor Bob Hoskins gives a triumphant performance in this Jacobean parody of Shakespeare, written in the 17th century by Elizabethan playwrights Thomas Middleton and William Rowley. Beatrice (Elizabeth McGovern) is contracted to marry Alonzo (Peter Darling), but is in love with Alsemero (Hugh Grant). She hires the deviant DeFlores, played to the hilt by Hoskins, to kill Alonzo. DeFlores, enamored of Beatrice, is blind to the terrible price he will pay. Directed by Simon Curtis. A BBC Production. (92 minutes)

Length: 92 minutes

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