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Arthur Miller: An Interview

In this exclusive interview, Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Arthur Miller speaks about his life and career. Beginning in New York, Miller traces his early years through the Great Depression, offering insights into how this lean time influenced his work. A portion of the program is devoted to a discussion of the 1950s McCarthy hearings and their impact on the development of Miller’s masterwork, The Crucible. Film excerpts from Death of a Salesman, After the Fall, and A View from the Bridge are interwoven with Miller’s observations on the political and poetic nature of his plays and on the art of writing. A BBC Production. (76 minutes)


Item#: BVL7295
Copyright date: ©1987
DVD ISBN 978-1-4213-7351-5

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Arthur Miller and The Crucible
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In the 1950s, the House Un-American Activities Committee was set up to combat the growing “threat” of communism in the U.S. Playwright Arthur Miller was one of many writers summoned to testify at this political witch hunt. Miller, who was nearly ruin...(more details)
DVD $99.95
DVD + 3-Year Streaming $149.93
3-Year Streaming $99.95
August Wilson: The American Dream, in Black and White
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In this incisive program, two-time Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright August Wilson returns home to the Hill District of Pittsburgh in 1990 to review his life and career. Archival footage and interviews with Wilson, former New York Times theater criti...(more details)
DVD $169.95
DVD + 3-Year Streaming $254.93
3-Year Streaming $169.95
Edward Albee
View Video Clip
This program looks back and explores the work of Edward Albee, from 1962’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? to 1994’s Pulitzer Prize–winning drama Three Tall Women. Albee himself talks about the influence of his unusual childhood upon his work, his ye...(more details)
DVD $169.95
DVD + 3-Year Streaming $254.93
3-Year Streaming $169.95

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