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Origins of Homo Sapiens: East African Roots

Part of the Series : The Story of Hominid Evolution
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In this program, Friedemann Schrenk travels to the Makapansgat caves, the excavation at Sterkfontein, the Gladysvale site, Uraha, Witwatersrand University, and Hunter College to study hominid remains with Phillip Tobias, Peter Schmid, Timothy Bromage, and other leading experts. Raymond Dart’s 1924 discovery of the Taung Child is appraised—and by comparing fossil bones, his theory that Australopithecus africanus walked upright is confirmed, while his theory of early man as a "killer ape" is debunked. Other discoveries investigated include UR-501, a jawbone identified as part of a Homo rudolfensis. (47 minutes)

Length: 47 minutes

Item#: BVL7274

ISBN: 978-1-4213-3815-6

Copyright date: ©1997

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