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What is Evil? (03:34)


People perceive evil as both external and internal forces. For some, evil is a very seductive force that takes many disguises. The Holocaust stands for evil in the minds of both survivors and liberators.

Maya Angelou: Triumph Over Evil (05:59)

Maya Angelou shares the experience of her childhood rape and her subsequent refusal to speak for the next five years. Instead, she read and memorized every book and play available to her.

Maya Angelou: Legacy of Love (05:16)

Angelou shares the story of her Uncle Willy, who influenced her love of learning. The story of Uncle Willy is immortalized in a song sung by Roberta Flack.

Maya Angelou: Poetry of Courage (05:30)

Angelou asserts that evil must be confronted by courage and will. She shares several poems that speak to the survival instincts of humans in the face of evil.

Philip Hallie on the Nature of Cruelty (05:49)

Philip Hallie discusses the nature of cruelty, drawing examples from his personal history, including growing up in the slums and fighting in WWII.

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Facing Evil

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This program offers the intimate testimonies of eloquent men and women as they discuss their dramatic confrontations with the force of evil—and the discovery that exploring evil leads to revelations about goodness. Among those featured in the broadcast are poet Maya Angelou, who speaks of being raped as a child; scholar Raul Hilberg, who discusses the Holocaust; philosopher Philip Hallie, who speaks of his experiences as a soldier in World War II; and Dr. Samuel D. Proctor, minister and educator, who tells of the racial hatred he has experienced. They are joined by dancer, choreographer, and author Chung-Liang Al Huang and former U.S. Representative Barbara Jordan. This program with Bill Moyers offers an unusual series of personal testimonies on the persistent question of the relationship between good and evil. (90 minutes)

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