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Death in the Seine

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From April 1795 to September 1801, three hundred and six bodies were taken from the River Seine in Paris where they were cared for by two industrious mortuary attendants who methodically noted down the particulars of each corpse: its sex, age, hair color, bodily wounds and scars, clothing, if any, and the contents of their pockets. With information later provided by witnesses, it became possible to speculate upon the lives and manner of death of the decedents—a subject all the more intriguing since all of those taken from the Seine had witnessed the French Revolution. Peter Greenaway has used these images to construct a stark and visually shocking film which notes that a mere six generations separates us from these corpses: Who will speculate about our existence in two hundred years? The record of the dead in the Seine was measured by the calendar of the Revolution, which ceased in the same year as the mortuary notes; thus, the bodies floated in the Seine in a time that no longer exists because it is no longer measured. (44 minutes)

Length: 44 minutes

Item#: BVL4297

Copyright date: ©1989

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