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Through American Eyes (04:08)


Jessica Lynch, all-American icon of the Iraq War, is rescued by the U.S. military. The Pentagon and the media give heroic reports of her ambush, capture, and rescue. But are these reports true?

One Story but Two Versions (05:31)

Reporters interview Iraqi hospital staff who contradict the American version of the Jessica Lynch rescue. Staff make an attempt to deliver Lynch to U.S. forces before the rescue, to no avail.

War Media Strategy (03:57)

George Bush and Tony Blair must make the case for this war, and journalists embedded with front line troops help spread their patriotic message through powerful images.

Hollywood and the Pentagon (02:16)

Media war footage is eerily similar to images from the movie "Black Hawk Down." A Hollywood producer creates a patriotic television show about the Afghanistan war with Pentagon approval.

Embedded Journalists (04:11)

An embedded reporter describes his attempts to stay objective during the Iraq war despite the pressures. Media minders manipulate the message by suppressing reports and forbidding pictures.

Central Command (05:13)

During the Iraq war, the military shoots its own media footage and supplies it to the networks to further its message. At CentCom, 700 journalists attend daily briefings but get little real information.

Basra Uprising (06:11)

Reliable information is hard to come by at CentCom, where reporters are frustrated at the lack of information. Word on a Basra uprising seems designed to influence events in Iraq.

Independent Journalists (05:30)

During the Iraq war some roving reporters seek human interest stories beyond the grasp of media minders. These journalists report a stray American missile attack on a market, but CentCom denies it.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (03:48)

Reporter Michael Wolf challenges the system at CentCom and is banned from asking any more questions. Embedded reporters are led to sites to report every possible discovery of weapons.

News Media Management (03:10)

British and American forces practice two different styles of news media management, and British media managers find fault with the American operation.

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Some stories are simply too good to be true. In this program, John Kampfner, political editor for the New Statesman (London), skewers heroic reports of the ambush, capture, and rescue of Private Jessica Lynch, calling them misrepresentations designed to bolster wavering support for the Iraq War. Kampfner also scrutinizes the controversial practice of embedding members of the news media in military units and questions the sincerity and overall informational value of the daily CentCom briefings in Doha. An ideal springboard for discussions about propaganda, media ethics, and journalism in the modern combat zone. Original BBCW broadcast title: War Spin. (46 minutes)

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