Segments in this Video

Segregated With No Racial Conflicts (01:03)


The high school in Butler, Georgia, has two sets of everything, one for blacks and one for whites. They make headlines when they break tradition and have one prom instead of the traditional two.

Two Steps Forward; One Step Back (02:56)

Thirty-one years after the Supreme Court ordered desegregation, Butler’s high school still has separate proms. Maceo Snipes, the first black man to vote in Taylor County, is murdered.

From One to Two Proms (04:29)

The next year some whites chose to organize their own prom even though last year’s combined prom was a success, according to student leaders Gerica McCrary and Amber Williams.

Segregated Butler, Georgia (05:20)

Neighborhoods, churches, and funeral homes are all segregated in Butler. The integrated school is successful partly due to its sports teams. The superintendent defends the school’s traditions.

Media Attention and Georgia's Flag (05:50)

Although people in Taylor County are upset by all the media, the superintendent proposes the school sponsor one prom next year. The evolution of Georgia’s flag parallels these changes.

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Prom Night in Taylor County, Georgia: Separate and Equal?

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Breaking with the tacit practice of separate, student-sponsored proms, teens at a racially diverse high school in Georgia recently tried having only one dance, for all students. One year later they scrapped the idea. Is this a black-and-white case of racism, or is it somehow grayer than that? In this ABC News program, anchor Chris Bury and correspondent Jim Wooten give a balanced report on attitudes toward race in Taylor County as they play out in the halls of learning. How do parallel proms, class presidents, and cheerleading squads reconcile with an otherwise multiracial student body and consolidated, title-winning sports teams? (22 minutes)

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