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Generating News (04:16)


A Gallup poll reveals that 62 percent of Americans believe news organizations often release inaccurate news. An inside look reveals the inner workings at the Chicago Tribune.

Public Trust (04:25)

Editors decide what stories will go on the front page. The ombudsman serves as the newspaper’s conscience. A reporter follows a story to gather facts.

Local Television News (05:38)

WJLA news station considers yesterday's ratings to determine what is broadcast today. Reporters have to trust their sources. Many people contribute to each broadcast news story.

World News Tonight (06:27)

Many people work behind the scenes to produce individual stories and to put them all together. Television is a collaborative business.

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Keeping people informed 24/7 demands a never-ending stream of news items—each one filled with material to be edited, facts to be checked, and decisions to be made as the clock steadily ticks. This ABC News program takes an unvarnished look at the Chicago Tribune, ABC’s World News Tonight, and WJLA, an ABC affiliate, providing insider insights into what goes on at America’s newspapers and TV stations as they scramble to feed the beast. (22 minutes)

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