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Political Advertising: Issue Ads (03:55)


Issue ads focus on current events to highlight certain agendas. Visual imagery can portray unclear messages.

Political Advertising: Ads and Public Policy (01:41)

Issue advocates attempt to drive public policy toward their cause to advance a legislative agenda, not necessarily a candidate.

Political Advertising: Swaying Public Opinion (01:43)

Ads attempt to make the public translate their ideas into specific questions for the candidates.

Political Advertising: Linking Issues (04:12)

Jamieson defines a "terms" advertisement. She says issue advocates attempt to take national concerns like 911 and link them to other issues like overpopulation in California.

Subliminal Messages in Political Advertising (06:10)

Provocative images in advertising may make subliminal statements to sway public viewpoints during elections.

Political Ads that Backfire (03:58)

Special interest groups' villifiication of public figures in sleazy ads can backfire and hurt candidates they're supposed to help.

"Air Pollution" by Issue Advocates (01:44)

Jamieson says networks should not air ads by advocacy groups that have no connection with candidates. The system has certain protections against issue advocates.

"Grass Roots" Political Advertising (03:25)

Some candidates are converting more to "grass roots" advertising, but campaigners are still pouring money into TV ads.

Political Groups as Surrogates (03:24)

There is a tendency for political "parties" to carry campaign attacks. In this way, the candidate is absolved of responsibility.

Political Advertising: Patriotism and National Threats (03:05)

Advertising agendas portray candidates as good patriots, but can focus attention away from threats that don't exist and ignore threats that do.

Political Advertising: Symbolic Manipulation (02:20)

Symbolic manipulation can divide lines between candidates' own parties.

Political Advertising: Pseudo Rebuttals (04:12)

Rebuttals to campaign attacks, or "pseudo rebuttals" make candidates' messages unclear and can be confusing to viewers.

Political Advertising: Campaign Language (03:37)

Linguistics are important on the campaign trail. Pivotal issues can be avoided or addressed by candidates with careful wording.

Political Advertising: Addressing Social Security (04:11)

Ad addresses the social security system.

Political Advertising: Privatization of Social Security (03:14)

Should social security be privated and put into the stock market? Ads portray senior citizens, not those affected by changes in the social security system.

Political Advertising: Journalism and Democracy (02:57)

Jamieson says good journalism will cover both sides of an issue fairly. Democracy has the vehicle in a vigilant press to insure advertising doesn't mislead.

Political Advertising as a Forecast (01:50)

Though apparently superficial, ads have the ability to signify important issues the public may face in the future.

Internet as a Campaign Tool (05:15)

Campaigners now use Internet as a tool to communicate with the public.

News as a Voting Tool (03:15)

A good electorate will look to the news during campaigns to see what agendas are being established and the differences between the candidates.

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Amidst the mudslinging, campaign promises, and scare tactics, what is really being said in those highly produced political ads? In this program, Bill Moyers talks with one of America’s leading political and media analysts, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, dean of the Annenberg School for Communication and author of Everything You Think You Know About Politics... And Why You’re Wrong. Through astute analysis, Jamieson deconstructs more than a dozen TV commercials used by politicians and public interest groups, homing in on their visual and rhetorical methods to expose their actual agendas of issue advocacy. Together, Jamieson and Moyers discuss the significance of these ads in the contexts of future elections and American politics in general. (71 minutes)

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