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Imam Zaid Shakir (03:03)


Imam Zaid, a convert, describes the formative experiences that bring him to embrace Islam in 1977. That conversion leads to his current leadership role in the American Muslim community.

9-11 Attackers (02:02)

The hijackers' attack shock many Muslims and cause them to reassess their faith and what it offers the world. The attackers are confused individuals who misuse Islam.

Values of Islam (04:26)

American and Islamic values are complimentary. Both believe that diligence is rewarded. Individuals should be judged on their merits and not stereotyped as part of a group.

Islam in America (02:30)

Since 9-11 some in America have bashed Islam. Islamic believers are not new to America. U.S. Muslim antagonism is usually only rhetoric and legal dissent. Terrorists were outsiders not citizens.

Islamic Civilization in American (02:28)

Higher learning, education and culture from the height of the Islamic civilization could help to restore some troubled American institutions. Violent radical extremists do not dominate Islam.

Islam's Rhetoric (02:34)

Islam means to submit to God. Spiritually Allah is the culmination of all religious faith and beliefs that came before Mohammed's time. The rhetoric is spiritual and not a call to militancy.

Islam and Democracy (03:03)

Islam's fullness does not have a narrow absolute political agenda. Islamists can work with non-believers in the area of social, political and cultural improvement.

Religion and Government Clash (02:44)

Islam's church and state relationship is different from the secular U.S. system. Theocracies are legitimate. Muslim belief requires they be good productive citizens in the American democracy.

Jihad and U.S. Islam Relationship (04:54)

Nothing in the Koran or the concept of "Jihad" legitimizes the 9-11 attacks by a small minority. Politics, not Islam has created the hatred toward American policy, not the American people.

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Muslims have lived in the U.S. for centuries. Should the work of Islamist extremists be allowed to undermine their place in American society? This program captures a spirited discussion between Bill Moyers and Imam Zaid Shakir, who details his experiences as both a Muslim and an American in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. In addition, Imam Zaid describes the structure and comprehensiveness of Islam, the compatibility of core Islamic and American values, and the tragic misuse of Islam as justification for terrorism. He also talks about morality in government, the concept of Islamic civilization as contrasted with Islamic statehood, Muslim anger with American foreign policy, and the levels of jihad. (31 minutes)

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