Segments in this Video

Ancestral Spirit in Painting (03:24)


Painter Helen Hardin uses her hands to feel the souls of her people, living and dead. Her soul's journey flows from her ancestors through her spirit brush" and into her art.

Importance of Family to Painter (02:52)

Driven by her desire to be "the best," Helen Hardin aims for immortality through her art. She takes pleasure in activities with her family, but she often feels guilty spending so much time with her painting.

Contemporary Indian Artist (02:33)

Her work original to her, painter Helen Hardin paints meticulously and patiently. She seeks to balance being a mother with being a painter. She classifies herself as a contemporary Indian artist.

Artist's Medium: Natural Elements (04:11)

Painter Helen Hardin demonstrates how artists mix colors from natural elements to create "earth paintings." Pottery makers demonstrates the final polishing processes on their works. Hardin displays her art at an Indian Fair.

Painting and Painting Techniques (02:37)

Painter Helen Hardin is at work on a painting in her studio. She talks about what she likes and sometimes does not like about the painting process. Her techniques are influenced by her exposure to drafting classes in high school.

Santa Clara Pueblo and Ceremonial Dance (05:28)

Painter Helen Hardin passes on to her daughter the knowledge of the Santa Clara Pueblo as well as information about her own artist mother, Pablita Velarde. This segment also features an Indian ceremonial dance.

Legacy of a Painter (03:22)

Painter Helen Hardin talks philosophically about art, life, and death. Her art is her legacy. This segment features up-close looks at her paintings, drawing attention to the precision and detail of the work.

Philosophy of a Painter (02:48)

Describing her life as a spiraling circle, painter Helen Hardin does not fear death, but is determined to live life fully until it comes to its logical end.

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Helen Hardin, Santa Clara Painter

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The abstract geometric paintings of Helen Hardin beautifully illustrate the artist’s struggle to depict aspects of her native heritage yet depart from the Santa Fe/Dorothy Dunn model of her predecessors—including her mother, the acclaimed Pablita Velarde. This program takes a close look at the work of a gifted Santa Clara painter and printmaker who acted almost as if she knew that her time to make a mark in the art world would be short. Her multi-layered paintings, created with a combination of brushes and drafting tools, reveal the crisp precision that characterizes her distinctive style. (30 minutes)

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