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"Traffic": Bleak View of the Drug War (03:17)


The film "Traffic" presents a bleak view of the drug war and its mult-billion, multi-national company. Nightline presents the central issues of the film, including the brutality of the drug trade.

U.S. Customs and Border Agents (04:04)

At the Mexican/U.S. border, agents are under time pressure to stop drug trafficking yet not interfere with on-going trade. They check each car, line by line, with dogs that sniff out drugs.

Drug Cartels are Winning (02:56)

The Cartels are always steps ahead of law enforcement. Spotters watch the border patrol operations to undermine them. Once the drugs get through, there are huge profits on the street.

Fooling Customs Agents (05:12)

Drug traffickers spend time perfecting methods to fool customs agents, their dogs, and the x-ray machines with special packing and sometimes bribing agents. Detection methods must be flexible.

From Colombia to Maryland (01:57)

Drugs sold from Colombia find their way to U.S. cities like Maryland. According to law enforcement, there is a large market for cocaine and marijuana in the Washington D.C. area.

Drugs in Montgomery County, ME (03:25)

Teens talk about their drug problems: when they started, where they got them, how easy it is to get drugs. Drugs entice teens from all communities, including upper middle class neighborhoods.

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Border War: The Mexico/U.S. Drug Connection

Part of the Series : The War on Drugs: The Reality Behind the Movie Traffic
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At San Ysidro, 45,000 vehicles per day enter the U.S. from Mexico. This ABC News program focuses on the high-stakes struggle between smugglers and customs officials as each group tries to outwit the other. Rudy Camacho, southwest border coordinator for the U.S. Customs Service and actor in the movie Traffic, spells out the details of interdicting the drug flow while a former drug trafficker explains how to evade detection by drug-sniffing dogs, deceive state-of-the-art X-ray machines, and even bribe customs officials. Then, 2,000 miles away, three teens in one of the wealthiest, most privileged counties in America talk about how easy it can be to buy drugs. (22 minutes)

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