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Difficult Diagnosis: Schizophrenia (03:45)


Russell Weston Jr., who killed two security guards at the nation's capitol, suffers from schizophrenia. Many sufferers of this mental disorder are not correctly diagnosed when symptoms initially emerge.

Schizophrenia's Shocking Behavior (04:15)

Schizophrenic behavior is marked by disorientation, hallucinations, irritability, paranoia, irrational behavior, and violence. Severe schizophrenic episodes may require hospitalization and medication.

Treatment for Schizophrenia (03:09)

A psychiatric care team discusses the treatment of a schizophrenic patient. Fewer than half of these patients get appropriate treatment, adequate counseling, or other assistance with the social aspects of schizophrenia.

What is Schizophrenia? (02:05)

Believed to be a collection of separate diseases, schizophrenia manifests itself differently in different patients. Schizophrenia may be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors that alter brain structure and function.

Positive and Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia (04:39)

Abnormal brain function in schizophrenic patients manifests in positive symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized speech. Negative symptoms include loss of will, social withdrawal, loss of speech, and loss of pleasure.

Drug Treatments for Schizophrenia (04:02)

Paranoid schizophrenia involves an increased risk for violence and criminal behavior. New medications help reduce positive symptoms of schizophrenia without many of the adverse side effects caused by early drug treatments.

Managing Schizophrenia (06:24)

Along with medication, lifestyle changes and coping strategies can help patients with schizophrenia manage anger and reduce stress. Many schizophrenics require repeated hospitalization or residential treatment.

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Using interviews with medical authorities including neuropsychiatrist Richard Petty, of the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, and outstanding computer animation of the brain, this program provides an update on the causes and treatments of schizophrenia. NewsHour correspondent Susan Dentzer focuses on a young Philadelphia man trying desperately to control this devastating disorder. Although new atypical antipsychotic drugs such as Olanzapine, Risperidone, and Quetiapine are proving helpful—to those who can afford them—experts agree that a strong community support program is also essential to achieve lasting recovery. (29 minutes)

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