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Anthropologist Mead Studies Culture (03:37)


Inquisitive Mead seeks to understand how others live. Her field work takes her to the South Pacific to study whether or not adolescence is always a time of turmoil. She studies ceremonies and rites.

Mead: A Student of Franz Boas (05:45)

Mead's teacher, Franz Boas, insists that she study adolescent girls if she goes to American Samoa. Traditionally Samoan teenagers are encouraged to have sex but the church has changed behavior.

Mead's "Coming of Age in Samoa" (03:51)

Mead writes of love, life, and fidelity in Samoa. Samoans reminisce about Mead's probing intimate questions. Critics question Mead's accuracy since she draws a euphoric picture of life with little stress.

Mead: Pere Village, Manus, P.N.G. (06:07)

Mead, with second husband Reo Fortune, lives in Papua New Guinea (P.N.G.) and questions the intellectual notion that primitives are child-like. She studies how children are socialized into adulthood.

Anthropologists' Impact (03:58)

Pere Villagers defend Mead, feeling that they owe her much. Do anthropologist impact the socieities they study? Barbara Roll, Mead's associate, says Mead always questioned how much she contributed.

Mead's "Sex and Temperment" (03:26)

Mead travels to the Sepik region on the mainland to study whether female and male adult roles are universal. Her book finds humans are conditioned by the culture into which they are born.

Mead in Bali and on Motherhood (04:54)

Mead with husband Gregory Bateson photograph trance dancers with "kris" (swords). Mead documents the childrearing of her own daughter and reintroduces breastfeeding to America.

Mead, War, and Post-War Contributions (04:11)

Mead uses her understanding of different cultures to resolve a behavior problem between American soldiers and British women. Mead returns to Manus to see the social change caused by allied soldiers.

Pere Villagers Remember Mead (03:23)

After 25 years, New Guineans remember Mead. They remember how much she helped the women. She took hundreds of notebooks for keeping records of her observations of the villagers.

Mead's Diaries and Field Notes (04:16)

Her diaries show her thoughts, not just the facts. Returning many times to the village brings her notes continuity. Mead praises the people's new customs while not forgetting their ancestors' ways.

Mead's Anthropological Legacy (08:26)

Mead both popularizes and elevates the academic field of anthropology. Her news and analysis of social life in other societies make an enormous contribution to understanding different cultures.

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Although her fieldwork has been criticized, Margaret Mead was one of the foremost fieldworkers of her day. In the United States, Bali, and New Guinea, she examined child development, sex, and temperament to see what role society plays in making people what they are. She emphasized that humans arrange their social worlds in many different ways, and that qualitative judgments cannot be made between them. (52 minutes)

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