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Trobriand Village (02:04)


This segment offers an introduction to the first initiation into field studies from Malinowski and his work with the Trobrianders. Prof. Sir Edmund Leach shares his views on Bronislaw Malinowski.

Anthropological Training (02:52)

Malinowski's daughter, Helena Wayne, talks about her father and his interest in Anthropology. The viewer learns that Malinowski travels to Australia to begin his studies amongst other experts in the field.

From Armchair to Veranda to the Village (01:48)

Malinowski begins his work to discover the life of the savages off the coast of New Guinea.

Language Barrier (01:32)

The viewer listens to Malinowski read his journals explaining his need to be more involved with the Trobrianders. He decides to start fresh with a new group of Trobrianders on the islands east of New Guinea.

Village Life (03:05)

Malinowski realizes the need to live among the Trobriander people and share in their daily chores and activities.

Social Life (02:22)

The viewer learns that Malinowski comes to realize that all things that pertain to the social life are designed to serve basic needs. This becomes known as functionalism.

Magic (02:58)

A world of mysterious possiblities of longing and wisdom are how Malowski describes his interpretation of magic, that which stirs up in everyone some dormant beliefs.

Science (01:23)

The viewer listens to a Trobriander speak of the difference between magic and science. Science is valid reason and magic is the belief that hope cannot fail.

Great Linguist (01:45)

One learns how Malinowski easily acquires the Trobriander language and his ease in which he is able to speak to the natives.

Rigors of Field Work (02:56)

The viewer learns from Malinowski's diary how he feels being alone with the Trobrianders and at times finds himself despondent.

Purpose of Kula Expedition (01:51)

The purpose of travel for the Trobrianders depends on returning with a certain number of "valuables."

Kula Canoe (03:23)

The process of travel is thought out with care with the preparation of the chief canoe to obtain one of the valuable objects.

In the Village (03:25)

The expedition returns and the trophies are carried to the chief's village. Prized objects are offered to the chief--to keep them would be to challenge him. The chief is a magician who receives the best spoils from any Kula voyage that he sponsors.

Ancestors (03:13)

Malinowski recorded the Trobrianders' ancestors singing and when the songs are played today they are still known. One learns the many mysteries behind the stories of the ancestors.

Malinowski on Life and Death (03:35)

While Malinowski works with the Trobrianders, Malinowski's mother passes. The viewer listens to him read his journal and reflections on life and death.

Sexual Customs (03:41)

The viewer learns that Malinowski studies every topic imaginable in relation to the Trobrianders, and one topic that he studies thoroughly is the customs of sex, marriage and courtship.

Malinowski's Ethics (01:46)

Malinowski's daughter shares her knowledge of her father and his views on marriage, sex and family habits.

Africa and Colonialism (02:00)

After the death of Malinowski's wife he travels to Africa to visit some of his students. We learns about his negative view of colonialism.

Malinowski's Influence (01:36)

The viewer learns from Prof. Lucy Mair how she becomes hooked on anthropology after attending one of Malinowski's seminars.

Malinowski's Legacy (02:25)

Many of Malinowski's students commemorate his field work as well as anthropologist all over the world who follow his style of work.

Credits: Bronislaw Malinowski: Off the Veranda (00:50)

Credits: Bronislaw Malinowski: Off the Veranda

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Bronislaw Malinowski changed the way that field studies were carried out. He worked on a remote group of Pacific islands—the Trobriands—and lived for long periods among the people he was studying. A brilliant linguist, he quickly learned their language and later published books which brought the islanders to life. The idea that native peoples were primitive savages was altered for good with Malinowski's insight into their mastery of their world. (52 minutes)

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