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Introduction: Life After People (00:60)


What would happen if every single human on Earth disappeared? Some animals are attacked by a deadly pandemic; others break out and go wild. Enemies are attacking cities around the world. Computer graphics provide a grim view what happens when traces of human beings disintegrate.

One Day after People (01:14)

Nature, long contained, is poised for an outbreak of chaos, disease, and disaster. As each day passes, nature begins taking over.

Three Days after People (02:47)

In 1900, people interfered with nature and reversed the flow of the Chicago River. For a century engineers controlled the water flow. In a life without people, the river gets its revenge. In the Mid-West entire towns are wiped out by raging water.

One Week after People (01:16)

London's Big Ben clock finally stops with no one to wind it. The 8-inch lean of the tower will only get worse.

Two Weeks after People (01:28)

In Buckingham Palace, the Queen's Corgis are left to fend for themselves. They drink water from the toilets. After the food runs out, the future of the Corgis becomes more uncertain.

One Month after People (02:27)

Outside of Atlanta kudzu is spreading freakishly. With no natural enemies and no humans to contain it, kudzu strangles trees, and covers bridges and roadways. Sixty million hogs resort to cannibalism.

Two Months after People (01:35)

Millions of hogs break out into the wild. Barnyard pigs mate with feral pigs. The hybrid progeny become meaner and meaner with each generation. Pigs will thrive. Many other animals face a deadly virus.

Three Months after People (03:26)

The Queen's Corgis venture out into London in search of food. Corgis are survivors. In America, pets lucky enough to escape their homes face increasing risk of getting rabies.

One Year after People (01:15)

In Wrigley Field, the iconic ivy spreads. Each vine can only grow 50 feet in length. As vines die, they provide organic matter for new vines.

Five Years after People (01:46)

Ivy has blanketed the stands in Wrigley Field. Stone walls begin to disintegrate. In the infield, buckthorn, an invasive species, grows to ten feet tall.

Ten Years after People (01:44)

In downtown Chicago, the Sears Tower is deteriorating. Plates peel off the building and crash into the streets below. Chicago is still recognizable.

Thirty Years after People (07:54)

Gary, Indiana, where huge swathes of the city were abandoned 30 years ago, is a model for what all cities will look like thirty years after people. Gary's train station and the Gary Methodist Church serve as models for the slow death of buildings.

Fifty Years after People (04:26)

Dogs roam the streets. In 50 years, family pets have reverted to wild mutts. In Atlanta, kudzu has invaded the landscape and buildings, some covered 100-feet high with vines. The kudzu outbreak sets the stage for disaster--wildfire.

One Hundred Years after People (02:29)

The Chicago L-train is near collapse from rust; bolts and rivets begin to crack. In London, Big Ben is covered in vegetation, its windows broken, and chunks of its exterior gone. The flooded Thames undermines the foundation until Big Ben topples.

Two Hundred Years after People (01:52)

The Sears Tower is tottering. All of its 102 elevators eventually crash to the ground floor, shaking the building and weakening it. What will it take for the Tower to topple?

Two Hundred Years after People: The Sears Tower (01:21)

The Sears Tower rests on 114 pilings driven into the bedrock to hold up the structure. Chicago River flooding weakens the interior columns supporting the building. The Tower collapses.

Two Hundred Fifty Years after People. (01:30)

Chicago's Hancock Building still stands. Yet centuries of weather, wind, storms, and rain have weakened it. After several critical connections in the framework break, the building collapses in on itself.

Three Hundred Years after People (00:32)

The rabies outbreak dwindles as animals spread out and away from former human habitats.

Five Thousand Years after People & Credits (02:50)

Southern Civil War heroes carved into the side of Stone Mountain remain 90% intact. Most of what humans have built is unnoticeable. The Earth teems with wildlife and vegetation. Credits run while narrative and film continue.

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This program theorizes about what would happen if people disappeared from Earth and how this might cause deadly viruses, such as rabies, to spin out of control as animal populations explode. The future of Chicago, Atlanta, and London is examined, as is Gary, Indiana, which was partially abandoned by humans over 30 years ago. Part of the series Life After People. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (45 minutes)

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