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Scientific Study of Love (02:09)


Mary Ainsworth's work studied love and how it develops; primarily in infants. Maintaining a degree of proximity and the secure base phenomenon is a focal to concept of relationships.

Origins of Attachments (01:34)

Dr. Robert Marvin reveals that Ainsworth's extensive observations and her experimental procedure in the laboratory are basic to the study of human development. He outlines the segments of this video.

Influences (04:35)

Mary Ainsworth's father was attuned to her need for affection. She spent her youth in Canada, married at 38 and moved to London. She worked with Dr. John Bowlby; they believed attachment is from the need to keep offspring protected.

Methods of Data Collection (03:01)

Mary Ainsworth's "Strange Situation" study revealed detachment after separation. She studied interactions of 28 pairs of babies and mothers in Uganda. She identified complex attachment behaviors, phases, and patterns.

Methods of Data Collection: Baltimore Study (03:35)

Mary Ainsworth's moved to Maryland; she procured a job at John Hopkins University. She wrote "Infancy in Uganda" and started her Baltimore Study. Observers concentrated on interactions between mother and baby.

Patterns of Attachment and the Strange Situation (09:10)

Mary Ainsworth's discovered changes in attachment behaviors in infants. Sensitivity is a key factor in establishing secure attachments. Mothers are a safe haven and a secure base. Viewers watch the Strange Situation procedure.

Patterns of Attachment and the Strange Situation: Results (02:53)

Mary Ainsworth's found that babies with secure attachments cry more during separation and are quickly soothed upon reunion. Categories of insecure attachments include avoidant, ambivalent/resistant, and disorganized.

Implications (04:44)

Dr. Marvin discusses Mary Ainsworth's "Circle of Security." Internal expectations become an internal working model. Viewers witness an Adult Attachment Interview. Longitudinal studies show long term implications of secure and insecure attachments.

Implications: Model of Behavior (01:31)

Mary Ainsworth believed that attachment development is a complex set-up of unfolding pathways with opportunities for different outcomes.

Legacy (03:03)

Mary Ainsworth became professor emeritus at the age of 70. She followed the works of colleagues studying attachments relationships with caregivers other than mothers. Her research has improved infant care.

Credits: Mary Ainsworth: Attachment and the Growth of Love (01:06)

Credits: Mary Ainsworth: Attachment and the Growth of Love

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Mary Ainsworth: Attachment and the Growth of Love

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Mary Ainsworth’s Strange Situation procedure is now basic to understandings of infant-parent interactions and, thus, later emotional development. This program details the developmental course of attachment behaviors and the different patterns that are captured by the controlled observational techniques of the Strange Situation. Using archival footage (including the Harlow primate studies) and newer film sequences, the video also gives students a sense of how psychological research is conducted and used in therapeutic situations. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. A part of the series Giants of Psychology. (38 minutes)

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