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Introduction: Trump: Anatomy of a Man (01:38)


Donald Trump appeared to be the epitome of success as he opened his Taj Mahal Casino in 1990, but his empire was bankrupt. His trajectory towards the presidency took shape.

Trump's Background (05:07)

Trump grew up in Queens, the second son of developer Fred Trump. His father built housing for demobilized soldiers. Donald was sent to military school at age 13 and Drill Sergeant Theodore Dobias became a proxy for his dad.

Trump's Early Career (01:55)

Trump got his first experience in real estate at his father's housing complex. Fred Trump, Jr. was not like his father; he performed menial labor and died of alcoholism in his 40s.

Big Investment (05:39)

Trump borrowed $1 million from his father and moved to Manhattan. He gambled on the Commodore Hotel project. Controversial lawyer Roy Cohn was a big influence on how he dealt with opposition.

Trump Tower (06:49)

Trump's profile rose with the success of the Commodore deal, and he married Ivana Zelnícková. Trump put Barbara Res in charge of building his signature property, which was located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan's business district.

Public Feud (05:53)

Trump sought tax abatement for a tower project, but Mayor Ed Koch was opposed. The two men engaged in a public war of words before reconciling to reopen a once popular ice-skating rink.

"The Art of the Deal" (04:22)

The Trumps acquired the Plaza Hotel, which was run by Ivana. Trump embarked on a series of extravagant acquisitions that included the Mar-a-Lago resort, a yacht, an airline, and a football team.

Roy Cohn's Death (06:18)

Trump lost the man who had protected him from his worst impulses. The developer's attention turned towards Atlantic City where he built the Taj Mahal Casino. He denied reports that he was going bankrupt.

Trump's Marriages (03:59)

Trump became involved with actress Marla Maples, and Ivana filed for divorce; she was awarded the Plaza Hotel. Trump married Maples, but they eventually divorced and he married Melania. Trump never shared a bedroom with his wives.

Considering Politics (05:56)

Trump often talked about running for president but did not have a history of ideological thinking. He called for the execution of the Central Park Five, a group of teens who were falsely accused murder. He considered a presidential run with ex-wrestler Jesse Ventura.

Television to Presidency (05:42)

Trump's parents died within a year of one another. "The Apprentice" revived his image as a businessman. Trump eventually became president.

Credits: Trump: Anatomy of a Man (00:34)

Credits: Trump: Anatomy of a Man

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Known for his erratic politics, unpredictable behavior, and verbal provocations, Donald J. Trump has thrown the world into a panic. Beyond the media portrayals, who is he really? This documentary explores his personal history and investigates his personality—flaws, weaknesses, and unique qualities—to provide a unique portrait of this man and to shed light on how he got to where he is today.

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