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Understanding RTI and DI (05:17)


RTI is a researched-based process that allows educators to assess each child's learning. The RTI model has three tiers. DI answers three questions: What will be taught? How will it be taught? How is learning assessed?

Commonalities of RTI and DI (07:21)

Six areas of commonality between RTI and DI are explored.

The RTI Team (05:50)

The key to success of RTI is dependent on an effective, multidisciplinary group of professionals who work in small teams, follow an organized agenda, rely on data from ongoing assessments to inform their decision making, and plan instructional interventions based on respectful communications.

Classroom Implementation (06:45)

A third grade teacher explains how she has grouped her students based on different assessment tools. A fifth grade math teacher demonstrates how she introduces her students to group work and working towards expectations.

Addressing Special Populations (06:03)

Students with special needs can best be educated in environments where RTI and DI thrive. Viewers visit a number of classrooms where students with differentiated skills are grouped for class work.

Resources Needed to Implement RTI and DI (02:59)

The implementation of RTI and DI can be a challenging undertaking. It can best flourish in a school culture that values strong leadership, nurtures effective collaboration, and commits to meeting the needs of each student.

Credits: "RTI and DI: The Dynamic Duo" (00:28)

Credits: "RTI and DI: The Dynamic Duo"

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RTI and DI: The Dynamic Duo

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Response to intervention and differentiated instruction are teaching methods aimed at helping all reach their full potential, especially when a classroom contains students of various backgrounds, cultures, and learning styles. This program presents educators with an overview of how to use RTI and DI together to practice high-quality instruction that is complemented by targeted interventions and ongoing student assessments. The video explains that RTI and DI both emphasize student engagement, collaboration, and assessment, and then focuses on the RTI team, classroom implementation, and addressing special populations such as learners with disabilities, gifted learners, or English-language learners. (37 minutes)

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