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Role of Advertising (03:29)


Advertising is the promotion of products and services. Newspapers and magazines heavily depend on advertising and its money.

Power of Persuasion (02:14)

Creative imagery and catchy music make up the persuasive artistry in advertising. Repetitive advertising creates "image banks" in our mind, telling us our needs.

Sex and Advertising (01:08)

Sex is a part of our culture and thus creates a natural connection between sex and advertising.

Celebrity Influence (03:37)

The most used technique is to associate the product with something or someone that is "cool," such as celebrities, popular music, and athletes.

Beyond Advertising (03:51)

T.V. shows, movies, and magazines start new trends by introducing us to new things such as styles of clothing, sports cars, and pets. Product placement plays a major role in movies and T.V.

Becoming a Wise Consumer (01:04)

Advertising suppresses as much if not more information than it conveys. Information not shared may be the negative aspects, the limitations, or the side effects of the product.

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In a consumer culture, the pressure to buy can be as subtle as it is relentless. This program introduces the craft of advertising, explaining the difference between needs and wants while analyzing the power of celebrity endorsements, the psychological advantage of product placement, and other aspects of the business of steering wallets to cash registers. A Cambridge Educational Production. (25 minutes)

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