Segments in this Video

The Nature of Dyslexia (02:42)


The creators of this film describe their own personal experiences with dyslexia. The three young subjects profiled in the film are introduced.

Three Kids with Dyslexia (02:20)

Three kids with dyslexia--Amanda, Carmen, and Gio--are profiled. The kids, their parents, and their teachers describe the challenges they face.

Amanda's Dyslexia: Working on Math Problems (01:55)

Amanda's teacher, and her mother, describe the nature of Amanda's learning disability in regards to doing math. Amanda works on math problems at school with her teacher and at home with her mother.

Discovering Amanda's Learning Disabilities (03:18)

Amanda's parents describe frustrations with homework and concerns about behavior problems at school which occurred before her dyslexia was diagnosed. Amanda is seen working on math problems with her teacher at school.

Discovering Carmen's Learning Disability (03:31)

Carmen's parents explain how they discovered their daughter had a learning disability. They share stories from her early school years and experiences they had helping her learn at home.

Gio's Learning Disability (01:46)

High school student Gio discusses his learning disability. He is seen at home talking with his mother and working on homework.

Gio Works on Overcoming His Learning Disability at School (04:11)

Gio's teachers describe his learning disability and detail what he needs to do to be successful. Gio is seen working at school and discussing the problem of unfinished homework with a teacher.

Carmen's Strengths Help Overcome Her Learning Disability (02:35)

Carmen's teacher assesses her strengths and weaknesses. She describes strategies she uses to read and is seen reading aloud at school.

Amanda's Learning Disability and Social Skills (04:04)

Amanda's teacher assesses her social skills and describes talking to her about having dyslexia; Amanda describes relating to other students. The teacher is seen educating students about dyslexia and working with Amanda on math problems.

Gio's Strategies for Overcoming His Learning Disability (02:08)

Gio's humanities teacher describes strategies necessary for Gio to employ in order to be successful in the classroom. Another of his teachers discusses his social development and maturation.

Gio Works to Avoid Summer School (02:20)

Gio works with his advisor to avoid having to attend summer school. The camera catches him losing concentration when individual attention from a teacher ends and group instruction begins.

A Bright Student with a Learning Disability (01:03)

Carmen's teacher addresses the frustration she feels at being a bright student whose learning disability impedes her ability to express herself in writing.

Occupational Therapy Helps Amanda Overcome Her Learning Disability (01:45)

Amanda's occupational therapist describes how she benefits from the therapy. Amanda is seen participating in occupational therapy activities and learning to play the piano.

Gio Works to Overcome His Learning Disability (02:12)

Gio successfully begins a new school year. His teachers and his mother comment on his abilities and his strong start.

Carmen's Strategies for Overcoming Math Difficulties (02:09)

Carmen's math teacher discusses difficulties she has with math and strategies for overcoming them. The teacher is seen working on math problems with Carmen in the classroom.

Amanda's Learning Disability and Organization Skills (01:29)

Amanda's mom and her teacher discuss difficulties Amanda has with organization skills. Her teacher works with her at school to organize her desk and locker.

Gio's Acceptance of His Learning Disability (01:55)

Gio's teachers observe that he has become more socially accepted at school. They assert that his awareness and acceptance of his learning disability help him to succeed.

Amanda's Learning Disability and Inappropriate Behavior (04:01)

Amanda's father describes difficulty she has in seeking attention through inappropriate behaviors. Amanda and her teacher work at school to develop a behavior contract.

Carmen's Learning Disability: Improved Skills and Confidence (02:51)

Carmen's teacher and mother each detail the degree to which Carmen has accepted her learning disability. The teacher asserts that Carmen has developed her reading and writing skills and has gained confidence about her abilities.

Thoughts On Overcoming Learning Disabilities (06:13)

Amanda, Carmen, Gio, and their parents reflect on overcoming learning disabilities and express confidence about the future. Their teachers offer closing thoughts about their students and the progress they've made.

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Often viewed as a weakness, dyslexia actually means that a person processes information differently, and many with the disorder have learned to see it as a strength. This program illustrates the challenges faced by Amanda, Carmen, and Gio—three young people living with dyslexia—through personal interviews with them and those close to them. Viewers are guided into their unique and often overlooked world, made clear through eye-opening scenes at school and home. Produced by filmmakers who are themselves dyslexic, the film serves as a tool for educating others about dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia, and for identifying a common vocabulary that can bridge the gap between those with and without learning disabilities. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. (58 minutes)

Length: 59 minutes

Item#: BVL38731

ISBN: 978-1-4213-8637-9

Copyright date: ©2007

Closed Captioned

Reviews & Awards

“An honest, provocative look into the world of learning disabilities. It shares with great warmth and humor the lives of three wonderful children, their parents and teachers. Never before have I seen such a clear and inspired understanding of what it’s like to be dyslexic.”—Catherine A. Nugent, Associate Executive Director, External Relations, National Center for Learning Disabilities


“Informative, moving, inspiring!”—Kristine Baxter, Head, The Churchill School and Center


“Turns over the preconceptions and cultivates a new understanding within the audience...”  —Jenny Russell, Educator, Berkshire Community College


“In the film we see challenges of living with this disability in a humorous and touching way. The film is an excellent educational tool that can be used to introduce what it means to be dyslexic to others.”  —Rebecca Hamilton, Advisor, I-LEAD Scholars Program, Bank Street College of Education


“Sensitive and illuminating…. The film is not sentimental, but we feel and care. Most importantly, we are enlightened, we understand."  —Karen T. Schlesinger, Executive Director, Resources for Children with Special Needs, Inc.


“I highly recommend this film for both parents and professionals interested in increasing their understanding of what it is like to live with a learning disability.”  —Debbie Zlotowitz, Head of the Mary McDowell Center for Learning


“The filmmakers—who are themselves dyslexic—have crafted a beautiful documentary that is as lively and compassionate as it is insightful and illuminating, one that puts the kids' point of view—and their families and teachers—at the center of a story that everyone should know.”  —Faye Ginsburg, Professor of Anthropology, Director, Center for Media, Culture and History, New York University


“You come away thinking of how essential it is that learning disabled children are identified early and provided with the best teaching possible, which turns frustrated kids into successful adults.”  Mary Ann Martin, Director of Development, The Forman School

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