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The Current State of Feminism (01:12)


Why does the word "feminism" evoke such a strong response in people? What is the current state of the Women's Movement and its relevance in today's environment?

Time/CNN Poll (02:04)

In a recent Time/CNN poll, less than 30 percent of women consider themselves feminists, but nearly half under 65 share feminist values. Feminism means different things to different women.

Different Definitions of Feminism (02:55)

The poll indicates that a majority of women support a politically feminist ideology. Columnist Ellen Goodman and Patricia Ireland of NOW discuss the pitfalls of being labeled a "feminist."

Identifying with Feminism (02:51)

Some women do not want to labeled "feminist" because of the negative connotations associated with it. Most young women today do not emotionally identify with discrimination in the past.

Can Women Have It All? (02:36)

Has the quest for equality done more harm than good? Women raised in the '70s and '80s have the expectations that they can have it all, but now feel betrayed because men haven't changed.

Decision-making Freedom (01:49)

Although women have more choices, our culture does not support them. Women still do the majority of the housework and childrearing. There is a greater sense of controlling one's decisions.

Equality and Discrimination (02:08)

Beginning in the late '60s, the current Movement comprised white, well-educated women focusing on equality and discrimination. Today the latent exclusion of women has become more subtle.

Freedom From Forced Roles (01:59)

The early Movement stressed independence from forced roles, self-reliance and assertiveness. Experts discuss whether this has made women's lives more interesting or confused them.

Issues of Work and Family (02:52)

The primary feminist issues today are work and family. There is a huge chasm between women who work and those that stay at home. Fight for equality is easier than the daily reality.

The Great Divide (02:09)

"The Great Divide" between feminist and non-feminists causes women to question their own decisions of power and transformation. Is there a common vision anymore?

Has the Women's Movement Failed? (02:03)

Critics believe that the Movement has failed to address unequal pay, availability of quality day care, and career advancement. Supporters say its discrimination and the work family crisis.

Feminism Changes the Culture (01:57)

Women can fight discrimination in small ways. The Movement had significantly changed the way people live their lives. Feminism is now the mainstream giving women more choices.

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Years after the women’s movement burst open doors of opportunity that had long been barred, a new generation of women seems to be questioning the meaning and the value of the battles fought by their mothers and grandmothers. Has feminism somehow gone out of style? In this program, Patricia Ireland, of NOW; Phyllis Schlafly, of the Eagle Forum; Ellen Goodman, of The Boston Globe; Dr. bell hooks, of CUNY’s English department; Dr. Tessie Liu, of Northwestern University’s history and gender identity departments; and Dr. Martha Wharton, of The Ohio State University’s departments of African-American studies and women’s studies, appraise the women’s movement as it currently exists and discuss its relevance in today’s cultural climate. (29 minutes)

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