Segments in this Video

Baltimore Rising: Introduction (01:06)


Councilman Carl Stokes states that the condition of the community caused the uprising; see images. (Credits)

Arrest of Freddie Gray (01:15)

Gray was arrested in April 2015 at the Gilmor Homes housing project; he had an 80% torn spine after undergoing a "rough ride." See images from Gray's funeral.

Baltimore Riot (04:20)

Protesters march from the police district to City Hall. Lt. Col. Melvin Russell recalls the targeting of specific sites; riots ensued. Activist Kwame Rose recalls deciding to protest; he confronted Geraldo Rivera and the presence of Fox News.

Homicide Charges (02:53)

Marilyn Mosby charges six Baltimore police offers in the death of Gray. Citizens continue to protest during the pre-trial hearings. Rose is charged with assaulting an officer, disorderly conduct, and making a false statement.

Civil Disobedience (05:28)

Makayla Gilliam-Price believes civil disobedience training is important; she reflects on Rose's arrest. Protests increase as the city council considers the nomination of Kevin Davis as Police Commissioner. Rose and others protest at City Hall and refuse to leave the building.

Community Involvement (06:40)

Zelda Gilliam reflects on her daughter's participation in civil disobedience. Russell comforts those at the scene of an accident and reflects on the culture of the city. Police collaborate with citizens to navigate the upcoming police trials.

Community and Police (04:06)

Genard "Shadow" Barr discusses building trust and reducing police presence with locals. Jury selection begins for Officer William Porter's trial. Det. Dawnyelle Taylor is an investigator in the case and waits to testify; she patrols the streets.

Penn North Community (05:58)

Penn North was once the cultural center of Baltimore; William Murphy reflects on the changing culture. Barr explains the hatred of police. He and other men meet with Commissioner Davis and discuss cultural attitudes and needs.

Baltimore Police (03:50)

Rose, his attorney, and Michael Wood discuss the charges against Rose; the court postpones his trial. Police officers reflect on danger and situations they face. Hear a report on arrests and murders.

Violence in Neighborhoods (02:38)

A man and woman speak out against murder. Taylor investigates a homicide and reflects on her life as a child.

Community Football Game (03:31)

Barr asks a community member about playing football with the police. Penn North residents, including gang members, team up to play against the Baltimore police.

Awaiting the Porter Verdict (04:54)

Rose talks about his trial with his parents. The school system warns students against walkouts and violence; Gilliam-Price is planning a walkout. Barr and community leaders discuss a public prayer regardless of the verdict.

Porter Verdict: Mistrial (04:21)

Photographer Devin Alley and his companion consider the possibility of a riot. Rose leads protests outside the courthouse; they share their feelings about the verdict. Police arrest Rose on four charges.

Community Unity (05:36)

Community members and leaders gather at the site of the 2015 uprising and pray. Protestors gather outside the Baltimore police headquarters. LBS, an organization of the community's public policy arm, is trying to reform the Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights.

Lack of Belief (04:42)

Gilliam-Price reflects on the climate of Baltimore and reads her essay to her mother. Kwame and LBS members discuss protests and counter-productive measures.

New Year's Eve Activities (04:14)

Gilliam-Price and her group set up "hood vigils" in predominantly white areas; she reflects on her thoughts of suicide. Police confront her group when the hold a banner outside a concert. Gail Allen shares her viewpoint as a mother with Rose.

Baltimore Homicides (02:13)

In 2015, Baltimore's murder rate was the highest per capita in the city's history; police respond to shootings death. Officers review evidence gathered at murder scenes.

Civilians on the Trial Board? (04:08)

Officer Edward Nero was charged with misdemeanors in the Freddie Gray case. A police accountability bill is introduced to lawmakers. The state legislature passes an amendment allowing civilian participation.

Community Collaboration (03:36)

Barr acts as an intermediary between Russell and the community to lower the murder rate. They establish a job program for convicted felons and at risk youth in the Gilmor neighborhood. Nero is found not guilty.

Future Impacts (05:44)

Protestors march in the streets; Gilliam-Price and Rose question the impact. Gilliam-Price calls a family meeting to discuss her future. Rose contacted the ACLU to help with his case; the judge finds Rose guilty of disobeying an officer.

Goodson Trial (03:03)

Officer Caesar Goodson faces several charges including second degree murder. Taylor reflects on her job, emotions, and the case; Goodson is acquitted on seven charges. Lt. Brian Rice is later acquitted of all charges.

Reform in Baltimore? (03:33)

Barr watches Mosby's press conference; she decides not to pursue charges against the remaining officers. The Justice Department mandates federal oversight of the Baltimore Police. Citizens gather with officials at a community meeting.

Legacy of Gray (01:57)

Police officers, citizens, and activists reflect on changes in Baltimore. Citizens mark the anniversary of Gray's death.

Updates and Credits (02:09)

See an update on Rose, Gilliam-Price, Taylor, Barr, LBS members, and Russell. (Credits)

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In the wake of the 2015 death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, Baltimore was a city on the edge. Peaceful protests and destructive riots erupted in the immediate aftermath of Gray’s death, reflecting the deep divisions between authorities and the community—and underscoring the urgent need for reconciliation. Directed by Sonja Sohn, one of the stars of the acclaimed HBO series The Wire, Baltimore Rising follows activists, police officers, community leaders and gang affiliates who struggle to hold Baltimore together while the city awaits the fate of the six police officers involved in the incident. The inspiring, 93-minute film chronicles the determined efforts of people on all sides who fight for justice and a better city, sometimes coming together in unexpected ways and discovering a common humanity. Thought-provoking and timely, Baltimore Rising exposes the strife that gripped Baltimore following Freddie Gray’s death, and highlights the city’s determination to rise above longstanding fault lines in a distraught and damaged community. 

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