Segments in this Video

Creative Arts Therapy (04:59)


This therapy takes place in a workshop setting where human development and not disability is the focus. This segment reviews the 1965 discovery of horrors at Willowbrook, a state-supported institution for "mentally retarded" people.

Community Approach to Caring for the Mentally Disabled (04:04)

This segment differentiates between psychiatric cases and mental retardation. When a young man lives in a family environment after being institutionalized, his behavior begins to normalize without behavior modification.

Creative Arts for Mentally Disabled (05:12)

Re-adaptation for the mentally disabled has offered few opportunities for self-expression, but at the Centre for the Arts, people have the chance to engage in creative activities and performances.

Preparation for the Play (06:25)

This segment begins with cast assignments for "Alice in Wonderland" and practice with written scripts. Viewers observe rehearsals in which actors bring their personalities to their parts. Actors work with a choreographer as they prepare for the play.

Neuropsychology: Focus on Movement and Balance (04:04)

Biofeedback therapy on a variety of mental disorders can be helpful. An expert discusses neuron repair through movement therapy. Gradual growth and development occur as a result of challenging the vestibular nervous system.

Rehearsal: Expressing Emotions (05:09)

Mentally disabled actors work on expressing emotions appropriate to their "Alice in Wonderland" characters. A psychotherapist who uses music extensively in her practice helps the actors sing.

Rehearsal: Finishing Touches (05:49)

As rehearsals finalize, the actors go through costumer fittings. The director discusses the challenges as opening night approaches because he wants the actors to experience excellence.

Performance and Neuropsychology (05:15)

In this segment, the mentally disabled actors perform "Alice In Wonderland," and a neuropsychologist discusses the importance of the experience relative to brain development and increased self-esteem for the actors.

Mentally Disabled Actors Perform a Play (03:29)

Mentally disabled actors show their facility at dancing, responding to music, delivering lines, and expressing appropriate emotions. In this segment, the actors and production staff mug for the cameras after the performance.

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At Concordia University’s Centre for the Arts in Human Development, developmentally disabled participants work together to create great theater. This film documents the creation of the Centre’s most ambitious production to date: a musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, complete with choreography and elaborate props and costumes, mounted on a fully operational proscenium stage. As the performers face the challenges of emoting, physical expression, line memorization, and confronting Carroll’s themes of exclusion and alienation, their sense of accomplishment and the extraordinary benefits of the Centre’s drama therapy program become clear. (46 minutes)

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