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Adults with Autism (04:12)


Paul deSavino is an adult who has a job, hobbies, and autism. Though Paul has responsibilities and a life of his own, he still requires support from those around him.

Thought Processes of an Adult with Autism (04:31)

Adults with autism deserve the same opportunities to experience life as all adults expect. Abstract concepts and the subtleties of daily life often escape the literal minds of autistic adults but with support, many live full, rich lives.

Services for Kids with Autism (03:26)

Jamie Hoppe is profoundly autistic. Her mother worked to establish an appropriate school program for her because none existed; when Jamie became an adult she and her mother again faced a world unprepared to help support their needs.

Services for Adults with Autism (04:42)

Services for adults with autism are rare. The mother of one autistic woman worked to establish a home and work opportunities for her daughter and other autistic adults.

Fears of an Autistic Child's Parents (03:08)

Parents of those with autism worry about the days when they can no longer care for their adult children. Services for adults with autism are rare and most institutions are not able to support residents in reaching their fullest potentials.

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Children with autism turn into adults with autism: an obvious fact, but one that remains inadequately addressed by society. Through the uplifting stories of Paul deSavino and Jamie Hoppe, two adults with autism who enjoy the support of their parents, life coaches, and others dedicated to their well-being, this ABC News program looks at America’s overall unpreparedness in helping such adults pursue fulfilling lives. Psychologist Peter Gerhardt; Jen Hoppe, cofounder of Quest Autism Foundation; and others express their concerns about long-term quality of life for people with autism, emphasizing the need for more initiatives to assist them—and the funding to keep those initiatives running. (23 minutes)

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