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Introduction to Newspapers (00:53)


Using a Melbourne newspaper as an example, the film highlights the most important elements in a newspaper production. These elements include the people involved in its creation, the look of the newspaper, the content, and how it is put together.

Newspapers: Editorial Team of Writers and Editors (02:48)

The editorial category in a newspaper refers to all non-advertising content. Generally this means the local, state, country and world news in addition to feature and business stories. Many journalists and editors describe the tasks involved in their work.

Newspapers: Advertising and Printing (01:56)

A symbiotic relationship exists between the editorial and advertising sections. Advertising generates most of the business revenue. Printing occurs as the final stage in production after editors have thoroughly checked the newspaper content.

Newspapers: The Look of a Newspaper (05:22)

The film defines several layout vocabulary terms. The layout gives a newspaper its characteristic look. Newspaper staffs use a style guide to maintain a consistent layout approach. In response to advertising demands, color is used extensively.

Newspapers: The Content (03:58)

Journalists describe the differences in word choice and tone among several kinds of newspaper stories. The content of a newspaper includes editorial cartoons, news and feature stories, and opinion pieces.

Newspapers: Putting it Together to Meet Deadlines (05:50)

Editors, journalists, and photographers describe their typical daily tasks and the pressure to continually meet strict deadlines.

Newspapers: Role of Sub-Editors and Production Team (03:57)

Sub-editors check story content and layout pages. A chief sub-editor then checks the pages before sending them to production. The general manager of the production department takes the viewer through the step-by-step printing process.

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Believe it or not, print journalism is alive and kicking in the digital age. This video takes viewers behind the scenes at a large daily newspaper, exploring in detail how staff members fulfill their writing, illustration, and assembly duties, and how the paper-based periodical has adapted to high-tech documentation, communication, and delivery methods. News and feature reporters, sub-editors, photographers, and the paper’s news editor and print manager all discuss their challenges and responsibilities in detail—shedding light on how newsworthy events are tracked, stories are assigned, fieldwork is accomplished, pages are digitally laid out, and other aspects of journalism. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (26 minutes)

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