Segments in this Video

China Memories (04:31)


American-born Chinese return to China and recall memories from their youth. Modern Beijing appears smoggy and desolate to the returnees. Some Chinese have idealistic memories of China.

Chinese in America (03:39)

Chinese in America were often unaware of ethnic differences. Children adapt and try to become American. Students dramatize the Asian-American experience.

Rock Band in Beijing (Tang Dynasty) (02:43)

A young Chinese man is determined to start a rock band. Many of the performances included ballet, music, and other vaudeville-like acts.

Cultural Integration (04:16)

In 1991 China re-opened its doors. Young Chinese people returned to China and became involved with its culture and language. Many ex-patriots spoke better Mandarin than the Chinese-born Americans.

Cultural Differences (04:00)

After the Internet bubble burst, a young Chinese man returns to China. He discovers that corporate workers exercise at work. Daily errands are difficult to perform.

Government Interference (03:43)

A young worker from America leaves China and moves to Taiwan. A young photographer/writer relates her experience with government interference.

Uncertain Future of China (03:10)

Chinese police surveil a questionable art exhibition. A wise man urges an art director to leave China. He warns that China's future is uncertain. She leaves China.

Anti-American Protests (04:55)

A media artist finds China interesting and challenging, but is frustrated with the restrictions and control. A rock musician returns to China. Students protest NATO actions.

Corporate and Music Cultures (04:51)

A former rock musician returns to the world of business in China. He becomes a successful writer. Rania objects to China's tradition of obedience. Multinational companies offer opportunities.

Beijing: 2008 Olympics (03:55)

Beijing is named host of the 2008 Olympics. It is a vindication for Beijing. Neighborhoods were wiped out to prepare for the Games. The Chinese government has control of nearly everything.

Westernization of Beijing (02:01)

Beijing underwent huge changes since 1998. It looks more like a Western city. Rania finds it easier to live there. China's capitalism is more extreme compared to that in the U.S.

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in China (02:39)

Rania, American-born Chinese, asserts that one can reinvent oneself in China. Anonymity provides freedom. Young entrepreneurs feel very successful.

Biculturalism (04:04)

Young American-born Chinese (ABCs) have trouble connecting with their Chinese roots once they go to China. An ABC rock musician strives for perfect bicultural understanding.

Beijing by Choice (06:24)

A young ABE male left San Francisco for China, not knowing how long he would stay. Mimi believes spending half the time in each country would work best. Each ABE chooses Beijing.

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With its dramatic rise in economic and geopolitical importance, China has become a land of opportunity for foreigners from the West—although in certain cases, “foreigner” is a problematic term. This program presents compelling firsthand accounts of six “ABCs” (American-born Chinese) who have moved to Beijing in search of career progress and a better grasp of their identities. Candidly sharing personal reactions to the nation’s rapidly evolving political climate, social divisions, and business culture, each participant must come to terms with the reality of modern China—and its departure from the sentimental notions he or she acquired in childhood. (58 minutes)

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