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Hydrogen: Energy for the Future (02:09)


Civilization has been shaped by the use of fossil fuel energy, but fossil fuels are the energy sources of the past. Many believe hydrogen is the energy source of the future, and billions of dollars are being spent to develop hydrogen energy.

Hydrogen Solutions (03:34)

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. Development of hydrogen-based energy might be the solution to mankind's energy dilemma.

Iceland: The World's First Hydrogen Society (02:44)

In 1999 Iceland announced its intention to become the world's first hydrogen energy based society. The transition to hydrogen energy is a widely supported part of Iceland's national agenda.

Producing Hydrogen Energy (03:31)

Hydrogen is a manufactured fuel that requires the use of energy to produce. Solar energy, wind power, and other renewable energy sources can be used to produce hydrogen energy.

Burning Fossil Fuels Promotes Climate Change (04:02)

The most serious consequence of widespread fossil fuel use might be its potential impact on climate change. Scientists agree that an increase in the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases will increase the rate of Earth's climate change.

Hydrogen Energy Safety Issues (01:25)

Hydrogen, like all fuels, will present safety issues that need to be dealt with. The Ford Motor Company has determined that proper engineering will make hydrogen-fueled vehicles just as safe as today's gasoline powered vehicles.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells (03:02)

Hydrogen can be burned in internal combustion engines, but it also can be used in fuel cells that produce electricity. Hydrogen fuel cells can power anything from a hearing aid to an entire office building.

Renewable Energy Resources (03:08)

When electricity from renewable sources is converted to hydrogen it can be stored and used when it is needed. This technology will create a feasible alternative to fossil fuels.

Hydrogen Powered Ships and Aircraft (04:54)

Germany has developed a submarine whose propulsion system runs on a hydrogen fuel cell. Helios, the world's first aircraft powered by solar energy and hydrogen, may initiate a global revolution in communications technology.

Hydrogen Powered Cars (03:40)

Cars powered by alternative fuel sources have not inspired widespread popular acceptance. Hydrogen fuel cell automobiles will offer increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and performance that rivals today's popular cars.

Transitioning to Hydrogen Powered Vehicles (03:50)

A logical place to start the transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen energy is with fleet vehicles. The major Japanese automakers have made massive investments to develop fuel cell cars and they are moving ahead with commercial strategies.

Oil Companies Embrace Hydrogen (02:30)

Oil companies see the potential profits in hydrogen energy and are transforming themselves from oil companies to energy companies.

The Internet of Energy (04:33)

Hydrogen fuel cells can be used to create a more secure national power grid. In the future cars powered by fuel cells might act as mini power plants that produce electricity for use in homes and offices.

China's Role in the Hydrogen Economy (02:35)

China's leaders are committed to developing hydrogen fuel cell technology to power their booming economy and to improve the Chinese people's lives. China is positioning itself to be a key player in the global hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen Energy Offers Hope for India (02:14)

India will soon surpass China as the world's most populated nation. Hydrogen energy may help India overcome its high level of poverty.

Vanuatu's Geothermal Resources (02:55)

Vanuatu's dependence on foreign oil strains the island nation's economy. The country has enough geothermal energy potential to produce all the hydrogen power it needs and to become a hydrogen energy exporter.

Hydrogen Energy Revolution (02:54)

The transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen might become one of the most important achievements in human history. Hydrogen energy can meet the world's energy needs, reduce pollution, and help nations improve economies.

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