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San Antonio, Kalayaan (02:25)


The Philippines, colonized by the Spaniards and sold to the U.S., consist of 7,000 islands. Hilot links Filipinos to their pre-colonial identity. Bernard Fontanille meets manghihilot Angelita Asidillo Calderon; sewing is her livelihood.

Manghihilot (03:47)

Villagers turn to Calderon for help when illness and accidents occur. She massages a woman who sprained her shoulder; she will use a tubang-bakod leaf to soothe the pain.

Plant-Based Medicine (03:26)

Calderon prepares the tubang-bakod leaf and applies it to her patient's back. Fontanille compares the treatment to anti-inflammatory patches. Approximately one third of the Filipino population does not have access to health care. Calderon explains her path to becoming a manghihilot.

Coconut Oil (03:51)

Calderon makes a fresh batch of coconut oil every week; coconuts are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Fontanille and Calderon discuss the therapeutic properties of coconut oil. Hilot addresses a variety of ailments.

Traditional Healing (03:14)

Calderon treats a girl who fell and cannot get up. Fontanille shows her how he diagnoses a fracture without the use of an x-ray.

Impromptu Treatment (03:25)

While enjoying a meal together, Calderon tells Fontanille that a traditional masseur is not meant to be rich. A woman interrupts them for a massage. Calderon finds her work joyful.

Therapeutic Touch (04:55)

Calderon travels to another island to treat a patient. She performs a "salungat" massage and discusses the use of her hands as tools and medication. Calderon will perform massage until she dies.

Credits: The Philippines: Hilot Massage—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: The Philippines: Hilot Massage—World Medicine

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The Philippines: Hilot Massage—World Medicine

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In the Philippines, it is often said that the sea links the people. But something else also links the inhabitants of this archipelago— Hilot, an ancient art of healing through touch. Its practitioners, the manghihilot, use only their hands and coconut oil. Bernard Fontanille meets Angelita Calderon who earns her living as a seamstress and does not charge for Hilot treatments. Alongside Angelita, Bernard discovers a medical tradition based on pressure points and manual manipulation.

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