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Mobile Medical Assistance (03:24)


In August, fishing trawlers search for tuna in the Bay of Biscay. Bernard Fontanille boards the hospital ship Juan de la Cosa. Dr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez Vallecillo explains the history of the ship to Fontanille.

Aboard the Juan de la Cosa (03:16)

The medical team alternates one month on the ship, one month off; Vallecillo checks the medical equipment and tools for minor surgeries.

Juan de la Cosa Crew (02:04)

First Mate Maite is responsible for navigation and coordination between the bridge and the rest of the ship. She discusses ship stability for the doctors.

Medical Call (02:04)

Vallecillo responds to a radio call for a fisherman who injured his ribs. Maite calculates the ship's position during every call.

Emergency Response (04:34)

The Juan de la Cosa crew responds to a complaint of abdominal pain; Vallecillo diagnoses the captain with appendicitis. He discusses radio consults versus in person examinations. Approximately 50 accidents aboard fishing vessels occur every month.

Patient with Intercostal Pain (03:50)

Nurse Barbara analyzes the captain's blood sample and discusses working aboard the Juan de la Cosa. The medical team, including Dr. Jesus Torres, treats the fisherman with rib pain.

Medical Diagnosis (02:59)

Torres x-rays the fisherman's ribs and determines there is no fracture. Torres convinces the fisherman to stay aboard the Juan de la Cosa to heal. At night, Vallecillo exercises.

Dedication to the Sea (02:43)

Fontanille visits the captain with appendicitis; he is sad not to be aboard his ship. The crew of the Juan de la Cpsa sails over 1,500 nautical miles treating those in need.

Credits: Spain: Hospital On The High Seas—World Medicine (00:32)

Credits: Spain: Hospital On The High Seas—World Medicine

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Spain: Hospital On The High Seas—World Medicine

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Emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille travels to the port of Santander to board the Juan de la Cosa. Every year in June, the Spanish floating hospital accompanies an armada of over 600 tuna-fishing boats off the Gulf of Gascony, bringing aid to fishermen in the event of an accident.

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