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Sum Ikh-Uul, Mongolia (02:26)


Bernard Fontanille drives for several hours before meeting breeder and traditional doctor Pujii Choisuren. Choisuren treats people in his yurt.

Mongolian Medicine (03:27)

Choisuren examines a patient and diagnoses an imbalance in her kidneys. He performs massage to improve circulation and pulse. Choisuren explains the role of fingers in diagnostics.

Thermal Cure (02:32)

Choisuren and his family live in a yurt in a valley. A natural spring nearby provides therapeutic benefits. Fontanille lets the water flow over his head.

Traditional Medicine (02:26)

Public hospitals are rare and most Mongolians cannot afford private institutions. Patients travel to see Choisuren for traditional treatments. Choisuren treats a man with high blood pressure; he will need to perform a bloodletting.

Traditional Doctor (02:14)

Medicinal plants are a pillar of Mongolian medicine; some shamans use plants for visions. Choisuren began having visions at the age of six.

Goat Breeder and Doctor (03:26)

Fontanille accompanies Choisuren as he tends to his herd; they are his main source of income. Choisuren reflects on caring for patients who are dying; sometimes he calls the spirit.

Preference for Traditional Medicine (04:17)

Choisuren's daughter Otgonhishig (Gonishi) and Fontanille examine a patient and compare their findings to Choisuren's. The patient explains why he prefers traditional medicine to Western medicine. Choisuren gives Fontanille a therapeutic massage; Chosiuren became a doctor to "feel alive."

Synthesis of Medicine (04:07)

Fontanille says goodbye to Choisuren who gives him a log for good luck. Fontanille travels to Mörön where Gonishi works and studies in a small traditional hospital. She discusses combining traditional and modern medicine.

Credits: Mongolia: Beyond The Steppes—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Mongolia: Beyond The Steppes—World Medicine

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Mongolia: Beyond The Steppes—World Medicine

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What does one do for healthcare when living in a vast territory consisting of mountains and steppes, hundreds of kilometers from the nearest city? To find out, emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille travels to the Zavkhan Province of Mongolia to meet Pujii Choisuren, a traditional Mongol doctor and livestock breeder who practices massage influenced by Tibetan techniques.

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