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Land of the Maya (02:40)


There are 3 million descendants of the "maize men" throughout Mesoamerica. Most Maya villagers live self-sufficiently. Bernard Fontanille travels to the Yucatán Peninsula to meet H'men Don Feliciano Gallo.

Ichmul Village Doctor (02:06)

Villagers in the Yucatán Peninsula first turn to traditional doctors. Gallo's wife Agatha helps prepare traditional herbal remedies; most of his patients have stomach ailments and headaches.

Divination and Maya Medicine (04:33)

Gallo treats a man suffering from headaches and eye pain; he consults the cards to learn the origin of the man's illness. Gallo explains the "Yupe" treatment and where he learned the technique. He gives his patient herbs to wash his eyes with.

Traditional Healer (01:46)

Fontanille reflects on the influences that shape Gallo's practice. Gallo explains his path to becoming an H'men.

Mayan Staple Food (02:32)

Agatha prepares tortillas with maize; a plant endemic to Mexico. Fontanille discusses the link between maize and pellagra; lime is necessary when using maize.

Aligning the Center of the Body (05:18)

Gallo and Fontanille visit a patient who has been experiencing abdominal pain. Gallo shows Fontanille the location of the woman's "navel" and puts it back in place. Fontanille reflects on the Mayan approach to anatomy and its similarity to Chinese medicine.

Agricultural Rite (02:37)

Gallo officiates a ceremony to produce good harvests. He invokes the Mayan god Chaac.

Ceremonial Meal (03:21)

Women prepare tortillas with squash seed flour and wrap them in leaves to be placed in the fire. The villagers reinforce unity by preparing the ceremony together and eating together.

Credits: Mexico: The Maya Healers—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Mexico: The Maya Healers—World Medicine

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Mexico: The Maya Healers—World Medicine

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The Yucatán Peninsula is the cradle of the 3,000-year-old Maya civilization. Here, Bernard Fontanille meets Don Galo, a traditional doctor who belongs to the highest category of healers - the H’men. The H’men are Mayan sages, who play the role of healer and priest. They are in charge of the wellbeing of the Earth and those that cultivate it. In their practice, the H’men use plants, energy massages, and a local form of acupuncture.

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