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Nomadic Herders (03:20)


The Drokpa live on the Indian plateaus of the Himalayas. Amchi Sonam Dekey operates a mobile clinic across the Changtang Plateau. Bernard Fontanille, Dekey, and her medical team depart for the plateau; everyone on the team is Tibetan.

Puga-Sumdo (02:17)

The team arrives at the nomadic camp. Dekey and Fontanille speak with the head of the camp and learn about the harsh winter.

Living as Refugees (03:12)

The Drokpa live on the land the government imposed on them; goats and sheep provide food and income. Dekey uses moxibustion to treat a man with pain in his hands and arms. In Tibetan medicine, illness occurs when the mind and body are not in balance.

Amchi Medicine (04:41)

Drokpa drink a tea that increases the risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Dekey examines patients and treats a goat that was bitten by a wolf. Fontanille and the team enjoy a meal with the Drokpa.

Amchi Medicine and Buddhism (04:05)

The medical team travels to a monastery. Dekey treats a monk with digestion problems and back pain. Buddhism is the third pillar of Tibetan society.

Mobile Clinic (04:33)

The team makes camp; Fontanille talks to a member about his relationship and connection with the nomads. Dekey treats a woman with dizziness.

Linking the Past and Present (03:16)

Dekey explains why the nomads live on the Changtang Plateau and discusses the bond with the Drokpa. Fontanille joins a dice game before leaving the plateau.

Credits: Ladakh: The Last Nomads—World Medicine (00:26)

Credits: Ladakh: The Last Nomads—World Medicine

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Ladakh: The Last Nomads—World Medicine

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In 2002, Dr. Dekue established a Tibetan medical team for nomadic livestock farmers in the Ladakh region. The mobile clinic travels across the Changtang Plateau, treating the Drokpa with traditional forms of medicine; Dekey helps connect the nomads to their Tibetan culture. Emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille accompanies the team as they administer treatment at an altitude of over 5,000 meters.

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