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Nakijin, Okinawa (03:02)


People in Japan live longer than anywhere else; Okinawa has the most centenarians. Bernard Fontanille meets 91-year-old Hiroko Toyama who regularly plays golf; she likes to stay active.

Ikigai (03:47)

Toyama shows Fontanille her treasures; she enjoys calligraphy. She had a stroke at the age of 82 but is in good health. Toyama states that Ikigai is a life philosophy.

Connecting with Nature and People (04:31)

Toyama and Fontanille wander through a nature area; Toyama reflects on the trees and modernization. Community is an integral part of life on Okinawa. At the community center, Fontanille helps a nurse perform check-ups.

Senior Community Center (02:38)

Seniors participate in fitness exercises. Fontanille discusses the benefits of physical activity with the nurse and reflects on Toyama's happiness. Toyama practices calligraphy.

Naha, Okinawa (03:17)

Dr. Makoto Suzuki found three things contribute to the longevity of those in Okinawa: physical activity, aid networks, and nutrition. At a market, Suzuki shows Fontanille healthy foods and provides nutrition tips.

Suzuki's Clinic (04:39)

Okinawa has the highest rates of longevity and obesity; convenience foods replace traditional foods. Makoto created the Mibio concept. He states that doctors must look at the physical, spiritual, mental, and social aspects of a person's life.

Living a Good Life (03:00)

Fontanille reflects on the contributing factors of longevity in Okinawa. He and Toyama visit the beach and discuss living and dying.

Credits: Japan: Okinawa'S Last Hundred-Year-Olds—World Medicine (00:31)

Credits: Japan: Okinawa'S Last Hundred-Year-Olds—World Medicine

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Japan: Okinawa's Last Hundred-Year-Olds—World Medicine

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Bernard Fontanille travels to Okinawa, a Japanese island that cultivates the art of ageing via social bonds, physical activity, and personal fulfilment. He talks with 91-year-old Mrs. Toyama to understand the secrets of her longevity. For her, it is very important to have Ikigai: “the belief that life is worth living.”

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