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Rote Island (02:41)


Rote is the southernmost Indonesian island; the Lontar palm is a crucial part of island life. Village healer Jonas Saleh collects leaves and sugar water from the tree.

Village Healer (03:49)

Saleh uses sugar water from the Lontar palm flower to treat sores; it is the basis of traditional medicine. Saleh examines a man with a fever and cough; Bernard Fontanille checks his pulse.

Traditional Treatment (02:24)

Saleh prepares an infusion and uses a combination of plants and prayers to treat the patient with a fever.

Disease with Feet (03:21)

Saleh and Fontanille travel to an isle off the coast to see a patient. Saleh uses a shallot to determine the origin of her ailment— she is confident Saleh can heal her.

Duty to Heal (02:15)

Saleh explains why he crosses the seas to treat people; he does not charge for his services.

Bone Setter (02:23)

Joseph Lingus gathers algae at low tide. He treats many people in his village without asking for money.

Healing Massage (03:51)

Lingus treats a man with a dislocated shoulder. He explains how he treats fractures and shows Fontanille how to prepare a concoction that he uses underneath a bark brace.

Healthy Enough to Travel (02:29)

Fontanille reflects on the healers of Rote Island. He makes a return visit Jonas' patient that had a fever and cough and examines him; he is ready to go to the hospital.

Human Connection (02:21)

Fontanille shares the legend of the Lontar palm. Saleh considers who will heal the islanders when he is old; he will be sad when Fontanille leaves.

Credits: Indonesia I: The Lontar Men—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Indonesia I: The Lontar Men—World Medicine

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Indonesia I: The Lontar Men—World Medicine

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Along the coast of Rote Island, the southern-most tip of the Indonesian archipelago, a barrier of palm trees points skywards. These Lontars constitute the island’s wealth. They are used for food, clothing, housing, recreation, and medicinal purposes. The island's two healers, Joseph and Jonas guide emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille as he discovers their unique therapeutic practice.

Length: 27 minutes

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