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Jawalke, Maharashtra (01:50)


Maharashtra is one of the poorest states in India and access to basic healthcare is difficult. A group of women, including Sarubai Salve, works to provide care.

Drought Affects Health (02:08)

Salve and a group of villagers in Jawalke pray for rain. She and Bernard Fontanille walk to the next village to visit Salve's patients. Salve received training from a program started in the 1970s.

Overcoming Prejudice (03:56)

Salve treats a woman experiencing swelling and high blood pressure. The patient discusses allowing someone from a lower cast to provide care.

Basic Healthcare (04:25)

Salve is a Dalit; India has approximately 170 million untouchables. Salve treats a patient with diabetes.

Jamkhed, Maharashtra (03:51)

Salve helps reduce the impact of diseases. She discusses her childhood and life as an untouchable as she and Fontanille wander through the market. Salve's granddaughter attends school; she wants to be a doctor or engineer.

Patient Care (05:17)

Salve examines a pregnant woman and determines she is lacking iron and vitamins. Patients explain why they trust Salve even though she is not a doctor or nurse. Fontanille reflects on Salve's abilities.

Education through Humor (03:45)

Fontanille joins Salve at a meeting for women's rights. Aquila explains the use of a puppet show to educate women. She reflects on societal changes.

Credits: India II: The Angels Of Maharashtra—World Medicine (00:24)

Credits: India II: The Angels Of Maharashtra—World Medicine

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India II: The Angels Of Maharashtra—World Medicine

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Like everywhere in India, overpopulation and the caste system make access to care very difficult in the village of Jawalke. Recently, a few untouchable women who did not know how to read or write were trained in health care. Emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille follows one of these women on her daily rounds.

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