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Putumayo Regional Organization (02:35)


Ayahuasca is the centerpiece of native traditional medicine. Traditional healers, Taitas, use the plant that is a classified substance. Bernard Fontanille meets Aureliano Garreta Chindoy at the Putumayo Indigenous Center.

Condagua Maloca (03:01)

The Putumayo Regional Organization defends and represents the interests of native communities. Chindoy explains the use of ancestral energy and spiritual diagnostics.

Traditional Remedies (04:28)

Chindoy treats a patient with diabetes. Fontanille asks about using ayahuasca and Western medicine. Chindoy begins every diagnosis with a yagé ritual; there are many kinds of yagé for different purposes

What is Yagé? (04:16)

Chindoy discusses the attempted ban on the use of traditional plants. Yagé cannot be produced in the city; chacruna leaves contain dimethyltryptamine and must be mixed with ayahuasca for absorption. Chindoy purchases yagé from a master brewer.

Indigenous People (02:19)

For Taitas, yagé is a means of expressing their culture; the forest is important. Fontanille discusses Chindoy's work to protect the indigenous lifestyle and health. The men travel to the hamlet of San Luis.

Minga (03:16)

Chindoy and Fontanille help Chindoy's brother Gabino clear the garden where medicinal herbs grow. Later, Chindoy and Gabino will lead a yagé ceremony. They discuss the importance of awareness and the results of drinking yagé.

Yagé Ceremony (04:54)

Fontanille is apprehensive but decides to join the ceremony. Chindoy and Gabino lead the ceremony; Taitas chant throughout the night.

Credits: Colombia, The Sacred Plant Of The Amazon—World Medicine (00:29)

Credits: Colombia, The Sacred Plant Of The Amazon—World Medicine

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Colombia, The Sacred Plant Of The Amazon—World Medicine

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The ayahuasca –or Banisteriopsis caapi– is considered sacred and has been used by 72 different tribes throughout the Amazon region for centuries. In Columbia, on the Amazon plain of Mocoa, Bernard Fontanille sets out to gain a better understanding of the traditional uses of ayahuasca, known locally as “Yagé.” The Inga shaman, or “Taïta,” Aureliano Chindoy, leads him into ancestral territories. For Aureliano, Yagé transforms human beings and is the source of all medicinal knowledge.

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