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Chinese Herbalist (01:54)


Hundreds of herbs used in Chinese medicine grow in the Yunnan Province. Bernard Fontanille arrives in Baisha to meet Dr. Shixiu Ho.

Traditional Treatment (03:44)

Dr. Ho has been an herbalist for over 50 years. He gained knowledge from his ancestors, but continues to learn. Dr. Ho creates a mixture of 10 herbs to treat a woman experiencing back pain and vomiting.

Holistic Approach to Medicine (03:14)

Dr. Shulong He, Dr. Ho's son, is an herbalist and works at the clinic in Baisha; he explains pulse diagnosis. He discusses differences in Chinese and Western medicine.

Curative Treatments (04:21)

Dr. Ho identifies a plant that has several healing qualities. A man arrives at the Baisha clinic for help with hypertension. Dr. Ho performs a pulse diagnosis and prepares a remedy; Fontanille asks him to tell the man to take Western drugs for his high blood pressure.

Caring for Patients (02:23)

Dr. Ho gives every patient instruction for convalescing; happiness is important. Dr. Ho provides medicine to a woman whose grandson suffers from pain in his head and nose; he does not charge her money.

"Kingdom of a Thousand Herbs" (02:54)

Dr. He harvests the medicinal plants he and his father use; he learned herbal knowledge from Dr. Ho.

Mental Health (03:53)

Dr. Ho discusses the importance of work and study while enjoying a meal with his family and Fontanille. Dr. He grinds dried herbs and sifts the mix. Calligraphy is his form of relaxation.

Wedding in Baisha (03:01)

Fontanille admires the wedding calligraphy done by Dr. He. The bride's grandmother is Dr. Ho's oldest patient. Fontanille and Dr. He discuss combining traditional and modern medicine.

Credits: China II: One-Hundred-Plant Medicine—World Medicine (00:29)

Credits: China II: One-Hundred-Plant Medicine—World Medicine

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China II: One-Hundred-Plant Medicine—World Medicine

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In China, caregivers turn to nature as a source of healing remedies. Emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille travels to Baisha, in the province of Yunnan, to meet Doctor Ho. This reputed practitioner opened a clinic that attracts patients from all over China and the rest of the world.

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