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Yaoundé, Cameroon (03:03)


Bernard Fontanille explains Cameroon's history. The country's first scientific and cultural university was founded in Yaoundé. Pharmacology researcher Germain Sotoing Taiwe discovered Nauclea latifolia contains tramadol.

Natural Opioid (02:47)

Fontanille says the discovery of tramadol in Nauclea latifolia validates traditional remedies, but wherever tramadol is sold, it is misused. Fontanille and Taiwe visit Yaoundé market stalls where one can find traditional medicines.

Ngambé Tikar (02:02)

Nauclea latifolia grows in the Savannah. Fontanille travels to the Tikar Plain to meet traditional practitioner, Gaston Amoah.

Traditional Practitioner (04:38)

Amoah comes from a long line of healers. Some medicinal remedies are more difficult to find on the Tikar Plain; Amoah is the only one in his village who knows the location of the Nauclea latifolia. He harvests all parts of the tree.

Traditional Medicines (01:34)

Amoah uses all parts of the Nauclea latifolia for medicinal purposes. Fontanille helps Amoah prepare Tikar whiskey.

"Multicultural Clinic" (02:43)

Amoah's patients travel from afar and speak many languages; they stay with him in his home. Amoah uses Nauclea latifolia bark to treat a man with rheumatism; he will stay for two weeks.

Medicinal Concoctions (04:29)

Amoah boils Nauclea latifolia fruit and gives it to villagers as a preventative or curative measure. He uses drops made from another plant to treat a young boy with epilepsy; sequels of parasitic illnesses can cause epilepsy.

Medzan Pygmies (03:53)

Amoah introduces Fontanille to his neighbors who are often marginalized; relations in Ngambé are respectful. Amoah treats the Tikar and the Pygmies. Amoah shares a Nauclea latifolia recipe with Fontanille.

Credits: Cameroon: The Pain Killing Tree—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Cameroon: The Pain Killing Tree—World Medicine

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Cameroon: The Pain Killing Tree—World Medicine

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In late 2013, a Franco-Cameroonian team discovered a painkiller, which man has claimed to have invented, but exists in a natural state in a common African tree, the African peach. Bernard Fontanille travels to a village of the Tikar people. Traditional healer Gaston Amoa knows the African peach well, and calls it the “Ntwo’o.” For the Tikars and their neighbors the Pygmies, the plant is critical and its numerous properties help them get through their day-to-day lives.

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