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Chy Klop, Mondulkiri Province (01:53)


Ethnic minorities live in isolation 600 meters above sea level. Bernard Fontanille meets Dim Chrang, a traditional Khmer doctor, who is drying medicinal herbs.

Bunong Herbal Medicine (04:31)

Fontanille and Chrang gather medicinal herbs in the forest. Only Krus know the formulas for the herbal remedies.

Living in Harmony with Nature (03:50)

Nature determines human activities in Chy Klop. Chrang and Fontanille prepare the herbs they just gathered for drying. Chrang explains that other Krus have different specialties; Chrang learned from his father.

Traditional Doctor (04:36)

Chrang will study with Kru Ta Nu. A young boy broke his arm and Ta Nu treated him. Ta Nu explains how he diagnosed the fracture.

Traditional Remedies (03:42)

Ta Nu places ointment on the boy's arm to improve the blood flow and fastens a bamboo splint. Krus are often the first resort for medical treatment. Ta Nu, Chrang, and Fontanille enjoy a drink together.

Chrang's First Lesson (02:40)

Ta Nu explains medicinal plants found in the forest. The leaves indicate whether or not a plant can be used as medicine.

Changing Resources (04:00)

Ta Nu identifies a tree used to treat malaria and explains how to harvest and use it in treatment. He is concerned that the forest has far less trees than it once did. Chrang is a good student eager to learn.

Credits: Cambodia II: The Last Of The Kru—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Cambodia II: The Last Of The Kru—World Medicine

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Cambodia II: The Last Of The Kru—World Medicine

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In villages on the high plains along the Vietnamese border in northwest Cambodia lives the Bunong ethnic group. Cambodian medicine, marked by the influence of doctrines borrowed from Buddhist, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicines, varies according to the region. The Bunongs developed ancestral medicinal expertise based on plants that is practiced by secret caregivers— the Krus.

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